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I laughed "Well, well, my dear sir but you undervalue my equestrian capability somewhat too, for I do pretend to know that a horse has four legs and a tail." There was no pleasing Aaron this morning, I saw. "Then, Tummas, my man, you know a deuced deal more than I do. As for the tail, conceditur but devilish few horses have four legs nowadays, take my word for it.

I am no longer in condition for any great change, nor to put myself into a new and unwonted course, not even to augmentation. 'Tis past the time for me to become other than what I am; and as I should complain of any great good hap that should now befall me, that it came not in time to be enjoyed: "Quo mihi fortunas, si non conceditur uti?" so should I complain of any inward acquisition.

'Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur. 'Of course. Indeed, with the gods of Olympus it was quite the other way. Nothing could be more absurd than their goings on. Ida was delighted at her friend's happiness, and was never tired of hearing about Mr. Jardine's virtues. Love had already begun to exercise a sobering influence upon Bessie. She no longer romped with the boys, and she wore gloves.

We can never be without our chance, if we are ready to keep the miracle of love green in our hearts by humble service. The primal duties shine aloft like stars. The charities that soothe and heal and bless, Are scattered at the feet of man like flowers. Non simul cuiquam conceditur, amare et sapere. Thackeray, Roundabout Papers. Proverbs xvii. 17, R. V. margin. The Fruits of Friendship

In his time there were nine members; later the number was increased. ANTECEDIT: sc. alios. SENTENTIAE PRINCIPATUM: 'precedence in debate'. Meissner quotes Verr. 4, 142 ut quisque aetate et honore antecedit, ita primus solet sua sponte dicere itaque a ceteris ei conceditur. HONORE: i.e. as regards office, past or present. QUI ... SUNT: actual praetors or consuls. COMPARANDAE: n. on 50.

Ego L. Metellum memini puer, qui, cum quadriennio post alterum consulatum pontifex maximus factus esset, viginti et duos annos ei sacerdotio praefuit, ita bonis esse viribus extremo tempore aetatis, ut adulescentiam non requireret. Nihil necesse est mihi de me ipso dicere, quamquam est id quidem senile aetatique nostrae conceditur.