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Perhaps these arguments are practically unprofitable, but they give a great deal of pleasure to the participants. It's delightful to hear the ring of triumph in some voice when the owner imagines he has delivered himself of a well-rounded period or a clinching statement concerning the point under discussion.

'Many a better man, moralizes Tom Tootle with a gloomy shake of the head, 'ain't had his luck. 'It's to be hoped he'll make a better use of his life, says Bob Glamour, 'than I expect he will. 'Or than he done afore, adds William Williams. 'But no, not he! says Jonathan of the no surname, clinching the quartette.

"But are you sure?" "Most sure. She was not absent a moment." He stood, for a time, as if to assure himself of my sincerity. Then, clinching his hands, and wildly lifting them above his head, "Lo," cried he, "I have news to tell you. The Baroness de Stolberg is dead?" This was her whom he loved. I was not surprised at the agitations which he betrayed. "But how was the information procured?

All came tumbling down about the struggling form, and Armitage, glaring down at him with clinching fists and rasping teeth, had only time to utter one deep-drawn malediction when he noted that the struggles ceased and Jerrold lay quite still. Then the blood began to ooze from a jagged cut near the temple, and it was evident that the hammer of the gun had struck him.

Tintop had to part with two of his pet companies Cranston's and Hay's at the reluctant orders from department head-quarters. Still a fourth had to be sent, and Truman was taken from the lieutenant-colonel and Major Warren despatched from head-quarters to Scott as commander of this cavalry battalion or squadron at the very moment when he was clinching his arrangements for long leave of absence.

But he almost instantly took them up again, and handing the malignant and lying effusion to the high-priest, he exclaimed, with a laugh: "This seals the warrant! Here is my mother slandered, too! Now, the man who sues for mercy condemns himself to death!" And, clinching his fist, he muttered, "And this, too, is from the Museum." Timotheus, meanwhile, had also read the lines.

As he talked, the old, wild fury returned, and he came back and faced the wounded man. "Now, what do you propose to do?" he demanded, his hands clinching. The other man looked at him, with a curious frown upon his face. "Think I'm a damned fool!" he curtly answered, and sopped his handkerchief in the water again.

Tom, without a moment's hesitation, described the place with precision a spot not more than a hundred yards from the house. "What right had you to come sneaking about the place?" hissed Godfrey, a vain attempt to master an involuntary movement of the muscles of his face at once clinching and showing his teeth. At the same moment he raised his whip unconsciously.

"Colonel, I had made up my mind to forward that Record with the mistakes I have already indicated to you, but after all I am pained to state that the total disregard of duty by the Court, and perhaps by yourself, in trifling yes, by G d " here the General could keep in no longer, and rising with hand clinching the Record firmly, continued, "trifling with a soldier's duty, the regulations, and the safety of the army will not allow it.

For this reason the German party was obliged to fall back on Count Sagan. That he was untrammelled by principle, and was, moreover, prepared to meet them half-way, rendered their schemes no whit safer. The only hope of security lay in clinching the matter as quickly as it was possible to do so.