One woman who is here to-night I saw lying dead drunk in the road between San Mateo and Burlingame the other day when I was driving with Alice Thorndyke, and Alice is having her fourth or fifth lover, I forget which " "They are no worse than I." "Listen. He's coming. Got it ready?" "I can't." "You must.

"That is all," the crown attorney said to Crozier as he sank into his chair, greatly pleased with one of the best witnesses who had ever been through his hands lucid, concentrated, exact, knowing just where he was going and reaching his goal without meandering. Crozier was about to step down when Burlingame rose. "I wish to ask a few questions," he said.

I shall not play for safety. It's everything on the favourite this time." "You'll excuse me, but Gus Burlingame is for the defence, and he's got his knife into you," returned Sibley. "Not yet." Crozier smiled sardonically. "Well, I apologise, but what I've said, Mr. Kerry, is said as man to man.

"I have to make certain economies and I want the benefit of your advice." Mrs. Abbott looked up from her embroidery. "Of course, darling. I was afraid you were going a little too fast for young people." "That is not it. I always managed well enough....You know we've never gone the limit: polo at Burlingame and Monterey, gambling, big parties and all the rest of it.

And sacred, too, to the memory of the one far-visioned woman, Fannie Geiger Thompson, who first conceived the thought of marking for the coming generations the course of commerce that built up the West in years gone by. We never lived in Burlingame, where once a heart-hungry little boy I longed to have a home.

A lot of people suspect those McMahons of being crooked. Well, it has never been proved. Until it's proved, they're entitled " Burlingame paused. "To the benefit of the doubt, eh?" "Why not? I've heard you hold the balance pretty fair 'twixt your patients and the undertaker." Quite unmoved, the Young Doctor coolly replied: "In your own happy phrase of course!

Financially Burlingame was honest enough, his defects being associated with those ancient sources of misconduct, wine and women and in his case the morphia habit as well. It said much for his physique that, in spite of his indulgences, he not only remained a presentable figure but a lucky and successful lawyer.

"That's very nice to tell me all you have," he said, "and I have been greatly interested. But you have really told me all about it, haven't you, so why should I read these notices? Hadn't I better get busy on another paper for Mr. Burlingame for the next magazine, else he'll be after me? You know how impatient these editors are." And he handed back the notices.

It did not occur to Augustus Burlingame that in Crozier, who knew why he had fled the house of the showy but virtuous Mrs. Tynan, he might find a witness of a mental and moral calibre with baffling qualities and some gift of riposte.

I was going to tell him about that, but just then the lawyer, Mr. Burlingame " "They all call him 'Gus' Burlingame. He doesn't get the civility of Mr. here in Askatoon," interposed Kitty. Mona made an impatient gesture. "If you will listen, I want to tell you about Mr. Crozier's money. He thinks he has no money, but he has. He has a good deal."