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And then, abruptly, I caught the sound of a frightened clamour of men's voices, away down somewhere about the maintop curses, cries of fear, even shrieks, and above it all, someone shouting to go down on deck: "Get down! get down! down! down! Blarst " The rest was drowned in a fresh outburst of hoarse crying in the night.

Constable Mack sat up in the dust, and stared stupidly at the Missing Link. "Blarst me if it ain't Perfessor Thunder's man-monkey!" he said. "Yes, yes," gasped Nickie. "Run me in. Be quick about it." The crowd was forming about them, only refraining from using missiles out of respect for the law. "Be th' holy, th' baste can spheak!" murmured the policemen. "They'll kill me.

The caravan dashed into Rabbit with the customary velocity and the regulation rattle, but Rabbit did not trouble itself. "Blarst my eyes!" growled the Professor, when the camp was made; "even the dogs didn't bark! What sort of a boneyard is this we've struck?" As a matter of fact, Rabbit was a moribund township.

Hour after hour Hawkins worked and watched the son of Sir Bardolph, and when the get-ready bell sounded he remarked: "Now, blarst you, we'll see if you're goin' to go to heverlastin' smash in the ring. Tommy, dig out a pair o' them burrs." Not until he reached the tanbark did Bonfire understand what burrs were.

"That's what's the matter with me," I replide. "But blarst my hize, sir, its onprecedented. It's orful, sir. Nothin' like it hain't happened sins the Gun Powder Plot of Guy Forks. Owdashus man, who air you?" "Sir," sez I, drawin myself up & puttin on a defiant air, "I'm a Amerycan sitterzen. My name is Ward. I'm a husband & the father of twins, which I'm happy to state thay look like me.

"Captain Riedermann and I saw the spars of your brig showing up over the coconuts yesterday, and therefore knew we should have the pleasure of meeting you." Warren looked steadily at him for a moment, and then glanced at his outstretched hand. "The pleasure isn't mutual, blarst you, Mr Motley," he said coldly, and he put his hand in his pocket.

"Are you all clear there?" he shouted again. The answer came, unintelligible and unexpected. It ran like this: "Blarst yer ... I've styed ... Did yer think ... drive ... bl y piy-diy." And then there was a sudden silence. I stared up at the dim sail, astonished. "He's dotty!" said Stubbins, who had been told to come off the look-out and give us a pull.

Fetch an 'urdle or she'll die there on him in the mud. Put the child to bed and get the doctor, and send a wire to London, to the major, to come sharp. Oh, blarst you all keep your 'eads! What's the good o' howlin' and blubberin'!"

I wonder whether he was changed after all or, was it I? A man does seem to get out of touch with the bush after living in cities for eight or ten years. "Does Arvie live here, old woman?" "Why?" "Strike me dead! carn't yer answer a civil queschin?" "How dare you talk to me like that, you young larrikin! Be off! or I'll send for a policeman." "Blarst the cops! D'yer think I cares for 'em?

"Blarst 'em hall! let's give 'em tickets-o'-leave, an' show em the trail!" roared Bracelets, a stout Englishman, who had on each wrist a red scar, which had suggested his name and unpleasant situations. "I believe in fair play, but I darsn't keep my eyes hoff of 'em sleepy-lookin' tops, when their flippers is anywheres near their knives, you know."

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