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I took advice how I might put forward a defence of some kind on my son's behalf, but what arguments would have prevailed with minds so exasperated against me as were theirs?" "In ore illud semper ei erat: Omnis spiritus laudet Dominum, qui ipse est fons omnium virtutum." De Vita Propria, ch. iii. p. 7.

To thee, great omnipresent Spirit, whose mercy is over all thy works, who now beholdest me, who hearest me, who hast framed my heart to seek and to trust in thee, in the name of my Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus, I humbly commit and commend my body, soul, and spirit. Glory be to thee, O God! Fortuna plerumque est veluti Galaxia quarundam obscurarum Virtutum sine nomine. "Does Fortune favour fools?

'Practica quidem scientia est, quae recte vivendi modum ac disciplinae formam secundum virtutum institutionem disponit. To say that the mediæval method of approaching economic problems was fundamentally different from the modern, is not in any sense to be taken as indicating disapproval of the former.

O virtutum inda-gatrix expultrixque vitiorum!" O Philosophy, thou guide of life! thou searcher out of virtues and expeller of vices! he wrote as one of the mottoes on his little book of conduct, and to him the words were a living reality. The virtues in Franklin were eminently human.

Sapientia et magnitude animi, qua omnes res humanae tenues et pro nihilo putantur, et in cogitando vis quaedam ingenii, et ipsa eloquentia admirationis habet non minus, jucunditatis minus. Ipsos enim magis videntur, quos laudamus, quam illos, apud quos laudamus ornare ac tueri: sed tamen in laudenda jungenda sunt eliam haec genera virtutum.

It is true that antiquity has not much decried this vice; the writings even of several philosophers speak very tenderly of it, and even amongst the Stoics there are some who advise folks to give themselves sometimes the liberty to drink, nay, to drunkenness, to refresh the soul: "Hoc quoque virtutum quondam certamine, magnum Socratem palmam promeruisse ferunt." Cornet.

'young friends such as Scipio and Laelius are to me'. PRAECIPERE: here absolute, = praecepta dare; usually an accusative follows. STUDIIS IUVENTUTIS: 'the zeal of youth'. Studiis does not imply here the deference of youth to age; the studia meant are the virtutum studia of 26. OFFICI MUNUS: 'performance of duty'; cf. 35, 72; Fam. 6, 14.

Ut enim adulescentibus bona indole praeditis sapientes senes delectantur, leviorque fit senectus eorum qui a iuventute coluntur et diliguntur, sic adulescentes senum praeceptis gaudent, quibus ad virtutum studia ducuntur, nec minus intellego me vobis quam mihi vos esse iucundos.

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