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I rose from my chair and stared unbelievingly at Blakely's mother. "May I come in?" she asked in her even, well-bred voice. "Why yes," I faltered. Closing the door behind her, she walked over to the fireplace. "Won't you sit down?" I asked. "No, I thank you. This is not an afternoon call, Miss Middleton, it is But of course you understand."

I can make a waxen image of you, and I can say words which, as the wax image melts before the fire, will make you dwindle away and at last perish miserably. 'Pooh! said Cyril stoutly, 'that's nothing. I can make FIRE itself! 'I should jolly well like to see you do it, said the priest unbelievingly. 'Well, you shall, said Cyril, 'nothing easier. Just stand close round me.

Joe Mauser was not the type to let his mouth fall agape, but he stared at the other, unbelievingly. "What's the matter?" Hodgson said. "Nothing," Joe said. Philip Holland said briskly, "Let's get on with it. Nadine" his voice had a dry quality "is one of our most efficient talent scouts. It was no mistake I met you at her home, a few weeks back, Joe. She thought you were potentially one of us.

Irving pushed forward beside Betty, and the girls stared unbelievingly over her shoulder. Then they saw that she was right. While they had been picking berries in the woods a flock of sheep had wandered down to the road from the other direction and had completely surrounded their two cars.

In fact, you'll have the nearest thing to the perfect commanding officer in the Solar Guard!" He waited just long enough for each boy to search his mind for a suitable candidate and then added, "Your skipper will be Major Connel!" "Major Connel!" the three cadets cried in unison. "You mean Major 'Blast-off' Connel?" uttered Roger unbelievingly. "That's who I mean," said Strong.

The Chief said exuberantly: "Did you hear that, Mike? Every Mohawk for ten thousand years is gonna be told that you were a swell guy! Crazy, huh?" Mike said in an odd voice: "Yeah. I didn't mean that, Chief. It's fine! But I I got a letter. I never thought to get a letter like this." He looked unbelievingly at the paper in his hands. "Mash note?" asked the Chief. His tone was a little bit harsh.

"But I had no hand in anything of the sort," declared Frank stoutly. "Let it pass, Frank, let it pass," chuckled Dobbins unbelievingly. "You see, when I came to look over the old ruins I come to where the old storeroom wall had busted out. You know it's always been a mystery to me what had become of my wife Sairey's scrapings and earnings?" "I've heard you tell so yes," nodded Frank.

Mary Cary sat suddenly upright, her eyes like big turquoises, staring unbelievingly at him. "And you were going to take supper with her to-night; going to sit at the table with some one you knew was untruthful? Wanted me to go " "My dear Mary " He turned to Hedwig, who was bringing in a bowl of raspberries. "Will you please get me some tea from the pantry, Hedwig?

Mary Rose stood quite still and stared at her aunt. Her blue eyes were very large and as bright as stars. "I can stay," she said softly, almost unbelievingly. "I can really stay? Oh, where's Mr. Wells! Where is Mr. Wells! I want to tell him this very minute how much obliged I am. Oh, there he is!" For Mr.

"No," admitted Tuppence, "I haven't but I know some one who has." "Who?" "A friend of mine." "Must be a millionaire," remarked Mrs. Vandemeyer unbelievingly. "As a matter of fact he is. He's an American. He'll pay you that without a murmur. You can take it from me that it's a perfectly genuine proposition." Mrs. Vandemeyer sat up again. "I'm inclined to believe you," she said slowly.