It is the random trolling note of a man who owes his liberty to no disorder, failure, or ill-fortune, but takes it by choice from the voluntary world, enjoys it at the hand of unreluctant charity; who twits the world with its own choice of bonds, but has not broken his own by force. It seems, therefore, the song of an indomitable liberty of movement, light enough for the puffs of a zephyr chance.

Do I not myself know that I am at this moment in want of a dozen pages, and that I am sick with cudgelling my brains to find them? And then, when everything is done, the kindest-hearted critic of them all invariably twits us with the incompetency and lameness of our conclusion. We have either become idle and neglected it, or tedious and overlaboured it.

Nothing is so common to men as to fear to die and nothing more necessary, or men would soon cease to live. To fear death more than ignominy is the disgrace a truth which the French critic does not seem to have recognized when he twits the memory of Cicero with his scornful sneer. "J'ai peur."

Your back is not turned before one whom I dare not name to you falls upon him with the most unfeeling taunts; twits him pardon me, my lord twits him with your partiality, calls him Jacob, calls him clown, pursues him with ungenerous raillery, not to be borne by man.

I told him I should bring one or the other." "And was he angry?" "No; he took it very quietly, saying something, in his calm way, about hoping that I should get over a prejudice against one of his earliest and dearest friends. He twits at me because I don't understand Parliament and the British Constitution, but I know more of them than he does about a woman.

It must depend on the crops, but with this hope before me, I will work as never man worked before," said Stead. "And I will be mistress there!" cried Emlyn. "My wife will be mistress wherever I am sweet." "Ah, ha!" she laughed, "now I have something to look to, I shall heed little when the dame flouts me and scolds me, and Joan twits me with her cousin the 'prentice."

So the gouts and the twits evened each other up after all, and the yarn run pretty smooth." The next mornin' Tommy wuz delighted with the idee of goin' in a boat after some hair-pins for me and a comb for him he had broke hisen. It wuzn't fur we went, and I spoze we might have walked by goin' a little furder; but variety is the spice of life, and it seemed to kinder refresh us.

He wears a crown of peacocks' feathers and a yellow dhoti and his blue-black skin shines in the moonlight. As the cowgirls throng to see him, he twits them on their conduct. Are they not frightened at coming into the dark forest? What are they doing abandoning their families? Is not such wild behaviour quite unbefitting married girls?

Don Basilio comes in search of the Count, but promptly begins his pleas in behalf of his master. Receiving nothing but indignant rejoinders, he twits Susanna with loving the lad, and more than intimates that Cherubino is in love with the Countess. Why else does he devour her with his eyes when serving her at table? And had he not composed a canzonetta for her?

"Oh, yes, I will, and if you hear three little twits like a blackbird's, only louder, you can answer, for it will be I." There was no time for more, so Waller slipped out and went down, expecting to see the redcoats in the hall; but there was no one there, and he went on into the kitchen. "Who wants me, cook?" he said.