Then spending so much of their lives in the high-bred company of their horses, seems to have mended their manners and improved their taste, besides imparting to them something of the dignity of their animals; but it has also given to them a sort of refined and uncomplaining aversion to human society. There are many strange stories told of the truck-horse.

Drawing a final, long, luxurious whiff, he tossed the half-smoked cigarette away. "Well, so long! My dad's coming on the five-ten to see his only son graduate cum laude. And me loaded down with conditions a truck-horse couldn't haul! Wouldn't that jar you? Guess I'll have to do my road-burning before he gets here. Hold a watch on me, will you? I'm out for the record."

The I.L.W. men, with plentiful food supplies, remained quietly in their homes in the cities. Early in the ride we received concrete proof of how desperate was the situation. To the right of us we heard cries and rifle-shots. Bullets whistled dangerously near. There was a crashing in the underbrush; then a magnificent black truck-horse broke across the road in front of us and was gone.

Bingle is still a brunette." "And now, may I inquire, do they all regard you as their real father?" "In a measure. There are times when they look upon me as a sort of truck-horse. But real fathers have told me that that is customary. They call me daddy, if that's what you mean. Once in a while they seem to recollect that there was another man and woman in their lives, but not often.

"If it had bin a sixty-foot bridge, an' I could ha' slid off into deep water an' blown up an' killed both men, same as others have done, I wouldn't ha' cared; but to be ditched by a shote an' you to help me out in a corn-field an' an old hayseed in his nightgown cussin' me like as if I was a sick truck-horse!... Oh, it's awful! Don't call me Mogul!

"Sure you are, ace, but this is a job for a truck-horse, not a tenderly-nurtured maiden of the upper classes. You can help, though, by breaking out that welding outfit and getting it ready while I'm doing this bending to prepare for the welding."

Anthony regarded him sourly. "The Brunswick-Balke people never turned out anything half so round and half so hard. That burr of yours is a curio. I told you Chiquita was small and beautiful and dainty and Oh, what's the use! This dame is a truck-horse. She's the color of a saddle." "Oh, she is not too dark, sar." Allan came loyally to the defence of Miss Torres.

A. Lincoln Pollock was full of news at supper that evening. Courtney, coming in a little late, in fact, Miss Margaret Slattery already had removed the soup plates and was beginning to wonder audibly whether a certain guy thought she was a truck-horse or something like that, found the editor of the Sun anticipating by at least twelve hours the forthcoming issue of his paper.

"The truck-horse detective!" she sneered. "An eighteen collar, and a six-and-a-half hat! He sure had his nerve, trying to bluff us!" But it was plain that Garson was of another mood. There was anxiety in his face, as he stood staring vaguely out of the window. "Perhaps it wasn't a bluff, Aggie," he suggested. "Well, what have we done, I'd like to know?" the girl demanded, confidently.

His rank as Technical Engineer was practically equivalent to Kendall's circle-rank, which made the two more comfortable together. Cole was listening carefully to the signals coming through from Pluto. "That," he decided, "sounds like Tad Nichols' fist. You can recognize that broken-down truck-horse trot of his on the key as far away as you can hear it." "Is that what it is?" sighed Buck.