I left a note for him, telling him where we were going, and just read this, sent down from the operator at Indian Creek. What do you make of it?" She read it aloud, frowning in perplexity: Philip Kendrick, Toronto, July 27. at Thorlakson Siding, via Indian Creek. Is Cristy safe? Wire immediately you receive this. McAllister anxious.

He had planned then to escape after they reached the abandoned logging camp, steal a canoe and come back to the railway line and down to Thorlakson on a handcar or a freight train. But again he had not reckoned on the number of men with whom he would have to deal at the camp.

Thorlakson and the children along; there was room for them all in the big canoe and with the men absent all day it was possible for them to make a picnic of it. He even enjoyed the evenings with the men while they smoked their pipes in the doorway through which it was possible to see Cristy, her sleeves tucked above a charming pair of dimpled elbows, helping Mrs. Thorlakson with the dishes.

"How soon are you going back to the camp?" she asked at last. "As soon as Mrs. Thorlakson will give us something to eat," replied Phil. "Good. I'm ready." "But You don't understand," objected Phil. "We can't take you along, Miss Lawson. It wouldn't be " "Of course you can. I certainly am going with you." "Impossible! Your injured foot " "Nonsense, it's all right now.

News of the er accident travelled up and down the line pretty swiftly. A track-walker passed the word to us early yesterday morning just as we were starting out from the caboose for the day's work. So I had Thorlakson get a message off to you; he stuck it in a split stick and the engineer of a passing freight caught it O.K. and took it up the line to the operator at Indian Creek."

During these ministrations Phil strolled down to the water-tank; but, as he half expected, he found the fungus gone from the top of the hollow stump and no sign of the envelope inside. Somebody had been there before them, Podmore probably. He would question Thorlakson about that later. Not that it mattered greatly.

Wery good, Meester Kendrick. Ve glad to have you stay so long as you like. Sit down thar. Planty wittles." But Mrs. Thorlakson willed otherwise, bustling about as she spoke. "My voman she say vait avile," he explained. "Planty more nice and hot." Phil thanked him and smiled across at his companion who was cheering up wonderfully under the benign influence of the stove.

He was running true to form and Phil grinned as he thought of the surprise that lay awaiting in the hollow stump beside the tank at the Thorlakson siding. It would be worth something to see the expression on Podmore's face when he opened that fake envelope of Wade's with its bogus bills. Well, he could eliminate Podmore for the present. What now?

Halldor chose on his behalf Steinthor Thorlakson of Eyr. The peace meeting should be at Drangar on Shawstrand, when four weeks of summer were passed.

Thorlakson continued to stand in the doorway, the lamp above her head, her face shining in the mellow glow with a queer mixture of apprehension and mystification. These city people were beyond her comprehension. Cristy hesitated a moment as to which direction she should take.