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The motion-picture machine has not only lessened the areas of products shown, thus making this Exposition more compact than former ones; but it has increased the effectiveness of exhibition methods by carrying the spectator, figuratively, into the midst of operations, and showing him men at work in all the important processes of agriculture, in the logging camps, in mines and fisheries, as well as in the mills and factories where the raw materials of these basic industries are worked into finished products.

"The boy is going to be a great logger some day," he would declare with fatherly pride. The last we heard of Jean he was working for a lumber outfit in the South, lifting logging trains past one another on a single track railroad. What is camp without a dog? Paul Bunyan loved dogs as well as the next man but never would have one around that could not earn its keep.

We bored two holes at an angle to meet inside the inner bark, and when we got a fire started there the heart of the tree would burn through, leaving an outer shell of bark. One morning, as usual, I was up early. After lighting the fire in the stove and putting on the kettle, I hastened to the burning timber to start the logging fires afresh.

Their skill at woodsmanship might be undoubted, but the intermittent character of their work precluded any development of individual type, like the rivermen and shanty boys of the vanished North. For a moment Bob experienced a twinge of regret that the old, hard, picturesque days of his Northern logging were indeed gone.

All these men needed was backing and direction." Carr looked away across the clearing. His glance swept the houses, and fields, and the distant woods where the logging crews labored.

If he started in to tell about a horse-trade, it infallibly reminded him of a cattle trade, and talking of cattle switched him off upon logging, and logging reminded him of some heavy snow-storms he had known. Each parenthesis outgrew its proper limits, till he forgot what should have been the main story.

It seemed a shame that such delightful boats should have been built only in half and nailed immovably to boards. Against another wall were maps, and a real deer's head. Everywhere hung framed photographs of logging camps and lumbering operations. From any one of the six long windows he could see the street below, and those who passed along it. Time never hung heavy at the office. When Mr.

You'll have to see, first of all, whether you can get contracts from the logging firms to drive the logs." "How can I tell what to charge them?" "We'll have to figure that very closely. You know where these different drives would start from, and how long each of them would take?" "Oh, yes; I know the river pretty well."

It might be he would discover the fire of some Ishmaelite of the forest, a wandering "timber-cruiser," marking out new and promising fields for those he served, and surveying the scene of possible future bustling logging camps. Otherwise the country at this time was a vast unknown land, seldom penetrated by human kind, save the Indian fur gatherers.

"Why might not whoever has charge of this camp have fixed the door? It is very likely that when the logging operations were given up that some person in Hobart was put in charge to see that it was not destroyed, because logging can again be carried on in this section," inquired Dick. "Why, I dope it out this way.

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