But Bessie was quite equal to the occasion. "His plainness is lost in what Mr. Logger calls his power of countenance," said she. "And I'm sure he has a fine eye, and the sweetest smile I know." Lady Latimer's visage was a study of lofty disapproval: "Has he but one eye? I thought he had two. When young ladies begin to talk of young gentlemen's fine eyes and sweet smiles, we begin to reflect.

"And what are Kanucks? Is that what you call us Canadians?" "Well, ma'am, it aint quite the thing to do," said Kinney, penitently. "It isn't at all the thing to do! Which are the Kanucks?" She rose, and went forward with Kinney, in her spoiled way, and addressed a swarthy, gleaming-eyed young logger in French.

There are also three others known as Logger Head inlet, New inlet, and Oregon inlet. The Ocracoke was the one nearest the Ebba, and she could make it without tacking, but the Falcon was searching all vessels that passed through.

Lady Latimer, in her most complacent humor, bade her do exactly what she liked: there was Dora to accompany her if she walked, or there was room in the carriage that would convey herself and Mr. Logger. The young ladies preferred to walk. Bessie had ridden that road with Mr.

Down on the lake the chastised logger stood out in his boat, resting once on his oars to shake a fist at Benton. Then Charlie faced about on his shocked and outraged sister. "Good Heavens!" she burst out. "Is it necessary to be so downright brutal in actions as well as speech?" "I'm running a logging camp, not a kindergarten," he snapped angrily. "I know what I'm doing.

An official, called the Inspector, is supposed to report such stealings, after which another official is to prosecute. Aside from the fact that the danger of discovery is practically zero in so wild and distant a country, it is fairly well established that the old-time logger found these two individuals susceptible to the gentle art of "sugaring."

It was annoying, to say the least, to have a big logger come in and ask what were the news of the day, and if there was any more murdering going on. She projected to leave Carcajou as soon as she could, and made her parents wish she would, as soon as possible.

E. J. Shapeero, age 23, timekeeper, born in Pennsylvania. William Shay, age 28, laborer, born in Massachusetts. H. Shebeck, age 24, laborer, born in Wisconsin. Albert Shreve, age 40, laborer, born in Illinois. H. Sokol, age 26, laborer, born in Russia. D. Stevens, age, 21, longshoreman, born in Canada Robert Struick, age 24, farmer, born in Michigan. Frank Stewart, age 35, logger, born in Canada.

I saw it in the Fairfield drawing-room last night: is there anything of yours here, Harry?" "Yes, this is mine a rather dry nut for you. But occasionally I contribute a light-literature article." "Oh, I must tell my lady. She and Mr. Logger were differing over that very paper, and ascribing it to half a dozen great, wise people in turn." Harry laughed: "Pray, then, don't confess for me.

It was a fatal shot, whose echoes awoke the forces of civilization against them. For it was heard by a logger in his hut near the marsh, who, looking out, had seen Jim pass. A careless, good-natured frontiersman, he might have kept the outcasts' mere presence to himself; but there was that damning shot! An Indian with a gun!