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They never waste energy; their precision of movement and deliberation of thought conserve the residue against the supreme moment. As a parenthesis: To a young woman what is a hero? Generally something conjured out of a book she has read; the unknown, handsome young man across the street; the leading actor in a society drama; the idol of the movie.

Swift. He was certainly a very bad prince, but not to the degree described in this character, which is poorly drawn, and mingled with malice very unworthy an historian, and the style abominable, as in the whole history, and the observations trite and vulgar. Burnet. Swift. A pretty parenthesis. Burnet. This gave all thinking men a melancholy prospect.

Eddy had used some of her other names in place of that one. "Mother Mary" was certain to stir up discussion. It would have been much better if she had signed the telegram "Mother Baker"; then there would have been no Biblical competition, and, of course, that is a thing to avoid. But it is not too late, yet. I wish to break in here with a parenthesis, and then take up this examination of Mrs.

They cannot come down from their frames. But the ladies themselves are not dead. Some of them are still in Purgatory, perhaps. We should pray for them." She made, in parenthesis as it were, a pious sign of the Cross. "Some are perhaps already in Heaven. We should ask their prayers. And others are perhaps in Hell," she pursued, inexorable theologian that she was. "But none of them is dead.

And the word "dust" was added in parenthesis. It was the last word of the whole record. It ended with "dust"! and that is exactly what happens in life. He took the yellow paper, kissed it, folded it carefully, and put it in his pocket. In two minutes he had lived again through two years of his life. But he was not bowed down as he left the house.

I'll come back and just be your wife. I'll keep your house and mother the children, and what was it you said to Gertrude? maintain your status, if you don't think I'm spoiled for that." That last phrase, though, was said with a smile, which he answered with one of his own and threw in in parenthesis, "You ought to hear Violet go on, and Constance."

Langhope interjected, replying first to her parenthesis, "how a woman of your good sense stumbled on that idea of hunting up the mother !" but Mrs.

He said she gave him the impression of being absolutely tireless, superimposing a high speed society existence which John Wollaston and he, in relays, could hardly keep up with, upon the heavy routine of work in her studio. He illustrated this with a schedule of her activities during the last three days. "Oh, yes," he threw in, in parenthesis, "I'm as much in the family as ever.

The Professor smiled, as I wanted him to, and the folds radiated like the ridges of a half-opened fan, from the outer corner of the eyes to the temples. -And the calipers said I. What are the calipers? he asked, curiously. Why, the parenthesis, said I. Parenthesis? said the Professor; what's that?

"A piano!" cried Echo exultantly. "Who done that?" demanded Show Low angrily. Parenthesis, from his place on the floor, looked at the mischief-maker in disgust. "Sage-brush!" he shouted. "Givin' the hull thing away," snarled Fresno. Show Low could contain himself no longer. Going up to Sage-brush, he shook his fist in his face, saying: "You're the limit. You ought to be herdin' sheep."