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"P'r'aps it would be as well," he said at last; "but I sha'n't stand no nonsense, mind." "If you like I'll come with you," said Mr. Wotton. "I ain't got nothing to do. I could tell 'er I was cast away with you if you liked. Anything to help a pal." Mr. Davis took two inches of soiled clay pipe from his pocket and puffed thoughtfully. "You can come," he said at last.

"There sha'n't anything hurt you," said Polly, kissing her reassuringly, and stepping briskly off with her burden, just as the door burst open, and Joel flew out on the veranda steps, followed by the rest of the troop in the greatest state of excitement. "Oh, whickety! she's come!" he shouted, springing up to her over the puddles, and crowding under the umbrella.

"Well, all I know is those peacocks were gone for an hour that afternoon and the red roses on the yellow ground were there instead." The widow stared at her a moment, then she began to laugh rather hysterically. "Well," said she, "I guess I sha'n't give up my nice room for any such tomfoolery as that.

"Jes' pow'ful cross dis hyar mawnin', Miss Zoe," was the reply, in a tone of disgust. "Dar isn't one ob de fambly dat would be makin' half de fuss ef dey'd sprained bofe dey's ankles. Doan ye go nigh her, honey, fear she bite yo' head off." "Indeed I sha'n't, Aunt Phillis, if there's any danger of that," laughed Zoe.

She pointed belligerently at her tormentor with the hand that held the brush. "Being the scrub-lady's stalwart son, you wouldn't understand. But I can write. I sha'n't go under. I'm going to make this town count me in as the four million and oneth.

"I hope I'll find Aunt Ida and be able to give her the letter. I remember her as a most beautiful, tall woman. I loved her on sight. But, I don't know " "Cheer up!" exclaimed Mr. Gordon, beamingly. "We'll find her. I take it upon myself to say that Betty and I will find her for you. Sha'n't we, Betty?" "Indeed we will.

Now there 's a big party in Congress as is mortal afraid that there'll be a reconciliation, and so they is battling tooth and nail to get independence declared before Howe can get here, so that there sha'n't be no possibility of making up."

"Oh, we shall take care of that," said Colonel Ross. "Unless there is a good steady breeze we sha'n't go at all; we shall spend a happy day at Rosherville, or have a look at the pictures at Greenwich. We sha'n't get Miss White into trouble. Good-bye, Ogilvie. Good-bye, Sir Keith. Remember ten o'clock, Charing Cross." They stepped into their carriage and drove off.

On this, the logs were laid in tiers crossing each other, sufficient space being left between them to allow for the passage of the hot air. "That is a splendid contrivance," Harry said when they took their seats on the buffalo robes round the fire and looked up admiringly at their work. "The logs will get as dry as chips, and in future we sha'n't be bothered with the smoke.

"I sha'n't pay you," retorted Grant doggedly. "You shall!" "I won't!" "Then I'll tell Allie and Charlie, and all the rest, that you're stingy and a great big cheat." "Tell away if you're mean enough." "And I'll tell Mrs. Pennypoker; and she'll send you to bed without your supper, for stealing her money." "Didn't steal it!" "Yes, you did, too!

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