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Along with these contributions there also appeared in the second number of the Thalia a translation of the 'Precis Historique', prefixed by Mercier to his recently published 'Portrait de Philippe Second'. The 'portrait' itself was a dramatic picture, in fifty-two scenes, without division into acts.

Georgie relieved her mind about the chance of there being snakes, and gave a short precis of the ascertained habits of the Guru, laying special stress on his high-caste. "Yes, some of these Brahmins are of very decent family," admitted Lady Ambermere. "I was always against lumping all dark-skinned people together and calling them niggers. When we were at Madras I was famed for my discrimination."

Where active resistance is useless, a little tact you quite understand?" "Quite, sir. Rely upon me," replied Kerry. "But I didn't mean to open my mouth until I had reported to you. Now, sir, here is a precis of evidence, nearly complete, written out clearly by Sergeant Coombes. You would probably prefer to read it?" "Yes, yes, I will read it. But has Sergeant Coombes been on duty all night?"

The literature of the village community is so vast that but a few works can be named. Those of Sir Henry Maine, Mr. For France, P. Viollet, Precis de l'histoire du droit francais. For Italy and Scandinavia, the chief works are named in Laveleye's Primitive Property, German version by K. Bucher.

The "Associated Press," therefore, makes it a rule with all questions of national importance, not only to reproduce extracts from the New York Press, but also to publish précis of the opinions of at least fifty leading journals from all parts of the Union. The American daily papers are more important as a medium for influencing public opinion than as a mirror for reflecting it.

This man, about forty years old, vigorous and of agreeable appearance, needs a woman; he is too scrupulous to seek to seduce another man's wife, he fears intercourse with a public woman or with a widow who would serve him as concubine. In this disquieting and sad state, he addresses to his Church a plea of which the following is a précis: My wife is criminal, and it is I who am punished.

There's nothing to them at all. Pooh-Bah's precis, which he's just given to me, proves it." "Look," Gusterson said solemnly, "there's one thing I want you to do. Purely to humor an old friend. But I want you to do it. Read that memo yourself." "Certainly I will, Gussy," Fay continued in the same ebullient tones. "I'll read it " he twitched and his smile disappeared "a little later."

True to my plan of asking questions, I asked him whether he had ever seen Cardinal Newman. He replied by a story which was revealing as to a certain fierceness in Newman's character and mental configuration. In any case, it had both rhetorically and intellectually a considerable influence on my mind. Here is a précis of our conversation. "Did you ever see Newman?"

It is a fragment, or rather a précis of the momentous conversation which took place between Yuan Shih-kai and the Japanese Minister when the latter personally served the Demands on the Chief Executive and took the opportunity to use language unprecedented even in the diplomatic history of Peking. The précis begins in a curious way.

Why had he not put before them the papers in some memorable official case, and desired them to make an abstract; those, for instance, on the much-vexed question of penny versus pound, as touching the new standard for the decimal coinage? Mr. Jobbles an Examiner indeed! And so Mr. Precis bethought himself that he also, if unsuccessful, would go to the Lords of the Treasury. And Mr.

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