A man's a fool to overplay his luck." At the showdown Meldrum disclosed a four-card flush and the cattleman three jacks. As Dave raked in the pot he answered Rutherford casually. "Still, he hadn't ought to underplay it either. The other fellow may be out on a limb." "Say, is it any of your business how I play my cards?" demanded Meldrum, thrusting his chin toward Dingwell.

"Certainly I can overplay it," the star declared. "That's the danger. My effects should come from repression." "I must differ with you. Repressive methods are out of place here. You see, John Danton loses control of himself " "Nonsense!" Francis declared, angrily. "The effectiveness of the scene depends altogether upon its well, its savagery.

He begins reluctantly, frightened at the thing which makes him speak, then when she responds the dam breaks and his love over-rides his will power, his loyalty, his lifelong principles; it sweeps him onward and it takes her with him. The truth appals them both. They recognize its certain consequences and yet they respond freely, fiercely. You can't overplay the scene, Mr. Francis."

"Yes, I'm givin' the boys a job, but I haven't bought 'em body an' soul, Warren." The eyes of the nester were a barometer of his temper. "That's my beef, Webb." "It never was yours an' it never will be." "Raw work, Webb. I'll not stand for it." "Don't overplay yore hand," cautioned the owner of the trail herd. Clanton had ridden up and was talking to the cook.

While I'm settin' thar tryin' to figger out Woodruff's system, thar goes that Winchester ag'in, an' a streak of dust lifts up, say, fifty yards to the left. I then sees Lem objects to me. I don't like no gent to go carpin' an' criticisin' at me with a gun; but havin' a Winchester that a-way, this yere Woodruff can overplay me with only a six-shooter, so I quits him an' rides contemptuous away.

And he just loved straights open in the middle; said anybody could fill them that's open at both ends; but, after all, I guess that's the only way to have fun at the game. If a man ain't got the sperrit to overplay aces-up when he gets 'em, he might as well be clerkin' in a bank for all the fun he'll have out of the game."

The horseman tried the turn again, throwing his weight over. This time he did feel a slightly perceptible "give." "What's the remedy?" he asked. "Build up the outer flange of the shoe. That may do it. But I shouldn't trust him without a thorough test. A good pony'll always overplay his safety a little in a close match." The implication of this expert view aroused Densmore's curiosity.

Smyth snarled. "Since when have you taken to wholesale lying, my pretty madam? That is a new development." "I'm not lying," Poppy blazed out. "I am speaking honest, sober truth." Smyth laughed. It was not an agreeable sound. "Is not that a little too brazen?" he asked. "Even with such a negligible quantity as a deserted husband, it is a mistake to overplay the part."

Imagine the effect he produced in Havre, and the idea people took of the great poet from this sample of him! The valet of a man of wit and intellect ends by getting a little wit and intellect himself which has rubbed off from his master. Germain did not overplay his part; he was simple and good-humored, as Canalis had instructed him to be.

'Don't be proud, he said and poked me in the ribs. 'And don't forget that Bill Ralston's your friend." "Everybody calls him 'Bill," his mother added. "Washerwomen, teamsters, beggars, millionaires. If ever there was a friend of the people it is he." "Some day, though, he'll overplay his game," Benito prophesied.