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"But," said the wife, after a grateful kiss, "but where and how can we find a husband suitable to the rank of your daughter?" "There! there! there!" cried Riccabocca, pushing back his chair to the farther end of the room, "that comes of unbosoming one's-self! Out flies one secret; it is opening the lid of Pandora's box; one is betrayed, ruined, undone!"

I would not quit him, even for another and a better world, till I was assured that he had forsaken the sinful and dangerous path he has, alas, so long followed. It is an awful thing to think that he whom one loves, better far than one's-self, may be speedily hurried to his eternal doom, without a prayer for forgiveness a hope in the future.

I dare say our friend Shank will spare you for quarter of an hour, and the pot can look after itself. By the way, it would be as well to call me Buck Tom or Buck. My fellows would not understand Ralph Ritson. They never heard it before. Have a cigar?" "No, thank you, I have ceased to see the advantage of poisoning one's-self merely because it is the fashion to do so."

"It is one of the mysteries of the grand designs of Providence, that men should exist in conditions so widely distant from each other," said John Effingham abruptly, "with a common nature that can be so much varied by circumstances. It is almost humiliating to find one's-self a man, vhen beings like these Arabs are to be classed as fellows."

These gardens are situated in the mountains to the south at Tjipanas, Tjibodas, Tjibeureum, Kadang Badoh, and on the top of Mount Pangerango, that is to say, at heights ranging from 3,500 ft. to 10,000 ft. The garden at Tjibodas remains, and at the Governor-General's summer villa at Tjipanas one might imagine one's-self in a private garden in Surrey or Kent.

Then what could be more delightful than the sense of returning strength, of enlarging activity? to find one's-self with a clearer head, a sharper appetite, and a more vigorous frame, as one glorious summer day succeeded another; while the birds sang blithely in the apple tree, and the blue waters of the ever-beautiful harbour rippled gently before the morning zephyrs, or were stirred into white caps by the afternoon breeze?

Was there somebody up in one of those other planets on a pony's back, as we were, robbing one's-self of much-needed rest to reach a mountain top to see the sun rise? These and other thoughts kept recurring to one when, suddenly, as if it had been shot, the pony planted his forefeet and refused to follow the guiding lead of the syce.

Between the two ways of amusing one's-self, I am principled against books." "You have a very rough way of expressing your tastes," said Mrs. Murray with a shiver, as they got into her carriage. "Do you know, I never could understand the humor of joking about funerals." "That surprises me," said Mr. Dudley. "A good funeral needs a joke.

"I was up early enough on the following morning, no such thing as oversleeping one's-self when there was a prospect of pleasure in view.

"In this case, most assuredly," said Thorn, bowing, and, Fleda was sure, not knowing what to make of her. "Have you been in Mexico, too, Mr. Thorn?" "Not I! that's an entertainment I beg to decline. I never felt inclined to barter an arm for a shoulder-knot, or to abridge my usual means of locomotion for the privilege of riding on parade or selling one's-self for a name.