"I wish I could get a few more days' holiday," said Bill ruefully. "My number's up this afternoon." The letters he had to write could go to blazes of course he meant to spend each of the precious minutes that remained in the next few hours with Bubbles! "You'll be able to escort old Miss Burnaby to town, for Helen's staying on," went on Blanche. "Helen staying on?" exclaimed Bubbles.

"A little girl brought me her name written on a card, Mrs. Kennett, 32 Anna Street." "There!" triumphantly, "I might 'a knowed that woman 'd play some common trick like that! Now do you want ter know where Mis' Kennett re'ly doos live? Wall, she lives in the rear! Her number's 32-1/2, 'n I vow she gits more credit o' livin' in the front house 'n I do, 'n I pay four dollars more rent! Ever see her?

I've very little interest in who killed this boy Victor Bidlake, or why, but I'm convinced of one thing Brast knew about it, and if he is posing as a patron of crime on a great scale, sooner or later I shall get him. He may think himself safe, and he may have the courage of Beelzebub he seems rather that type but if my presentiment about him comes true, his number's up.

Me number's 415" He was about handing me a greasy bit of paper, when I slammed the door in his face and retired to my own room to meditate on the strange accent and peculiar calling of this descendant of the "fine old French settler." My next choice, however, proved a fortunate one. I got into a street-car one evening late in the month of March.

That's a street to live on! It only runs two blocks and then falls off a bluff. You can throw a keg of nails the whole length of it. Don't talk to me about Poplar Avenue. "'It's it's miles long, says the kid. 'Our number's 862 and there's lots of houses after that. What's the matter with aw, you make me tired, Jeff. "'Well, well, now, says I. 'I guess that man made a mistake.

"But the number's on it," put in Kent swiftly. "Come, Stone, call up the druggist, repeat the number to him, and ask if it calls for your aconitine prescription." Stone hesitated as if about to speak, then, reaching out his hand, he picked up the telephone and held a short conversation with the drug clerk of the Thompson Pharmacy. "That is the box which contained the aconitine pills for Mrs.

But we've talked a hundred times of coming back here some day, and having a little look about 'little Ten-Twelve, as we always used to call it. I see your number's changed. But" his gesture was almost apologetic "we are busy people. Mrs. Rideout likes to live in the country a great part of the time; this neighborhood is inaccessible now time goes by, and, in short, we haven't ever come back.

She was startled by the conductor's calling out: "Now, miss!" She rose as he rang the bell and was ready to get off when the car stopped, for she was eager to cause him as little trouble as possible. "The house is right straight before you," said the conductor. "The number's in the transom." She thanked him, descended, was on the sidewalk before Mrs. Wylie's.

Round it were two concentric rings of teacups good old Worcester china, except for a common three which had been added for number's sake, and which Joanna carefully bestowed upon herself, Ellen, and Arthur Alce.

"I'm afraid they're gettin' away with a good many of our beeves." Mr. Melton's brows met in a puzzled frown. "What makes you think so?" he asked. "A heap of things," was the reply. "In the first place, the boys have found a lot of motherless calves galloping around and bleating for their mas. Of course, we always look for a few of those, but lately the number's been beyond all reason.