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Josiah jest wanted to rush along, clamorin' for the wheel, and not lookin' for nothin' on either side till he found it. But I wuz firm in this as a rock, that if I went at all I would go megum actin' and quiet, and look at everything we come to. And wuzn't there enough to look at jest in the street? Folks of all nations under the earth.

He meant well. But it is quite a nack for pardners to know jest when to cry, and when to laff. Wall, he follered up that spring, and drinked more, fur more than wuz good for him of that water. And then anon, he would hear of another one, and some dretful big story about it, and he would foller that up, and so it went on, he a follerin' on, and I a bein' megum, and drinkin' stiddy, but moderate.

And this incident made him more megum. More as I wanted him to be. Why, you have to be megum in everything, no matter how good it is. Milk porridge, or the Bible, or anything. You can kill yourself on milk porridge if you drink enough. And you can set down and read the Bible, till you grow to your chair, and lose your eyesight.

Now these waters are dretful good, but you have got to use some megumness with 'em, it stands to reason you have. Taint megum to drink from 10 to 12 glasses at a time, and mix your drinks goin' round from spring to spring like a luny.

Sez he, "I'll put twenty men to diggin' there the minute I git home." Sez I, "Josiah, that is a woodchuck hole the woodchuck wuz took in it; you have got to be megum in caves as much as anything. Be calm," sez I, for he wuz a-breathin' hard and wuz fearful excited, and I led him out as quick as I could.

It jest reminds me of Sister Blanker." And he sez, "I don't thank you to compare me to that slab-sided old maid." Sez I, "I believe she's a Christian, Josiah." And so I do. But sez I, "Folks must be megum even in goodness, Josiah Allen, and in order to set down and hold a half orphan in your arms, you mustn't overset yourself and come down on the floor on top of a hull orphan or a nursin' child.

It wuz a long letter, filled with words like these, and it ended up by saying that for years now she had wanted to write and tell me that I had been in the right on't and she in the wrong. I had been megum and she hadn't. And she ended by sayin', "God bless me and adoo." The fire crackled softly on the clean hearth. The teakettle sung a song of welcome and cheer.

Well, Josiah, so sure it is that the hottest love soonest cools, vowed that Jabez should never step his foot into the house agin. And I wuz glad enough to see that Rosy agreed with him. But I wuz naterally made more megum, and thought, any port in a storm, and a hour won't be much anyway. If we've stood all this dirt and confusion for five weeks we could stand it a hour longer.

Now it seems to me that in most all of these different doctrines and beliefs, there is a grain of truth, and if folks would only kinder hold onto that grain, and hold themselves stiddy while they held onto it, they would be better off. But most folks when they go to follerin' off a doctrine, they foller too fur, they hain't megum enough.

"Oh," sez she, "it hain't no matter about that; I I I somehow I don't feel like rehearsin' it as it was." Sez she, "I guess I shall make some changes in it before I rehearse it agin." Sez I, "You lay out to make a more mean thing of it, more megum." "Yes," sez she, in faint axents, "I am a-thinkin' of it."