The signal bearer had taken perhaps five steps when Hartridge spoke words which instantly filled Marr with regret that he had been so impetuously prompt to take a no for a no. "Say, hold your hosses, Markham," said Hartridge contritely. "Don't be in such a hurry!

It is with her that the quarry is compromisingly entangled. But against women confederates Chappy Marr had a strong prejudice. They were such uncertain quantities; you never could depend upon them.

For a moment she thought she saw the face of the dead Marr, and the hallucination was so vivid that when it was gone and the mirror once more revealed the face of Valentine, Cuckoo had no thought but that she had really seen Marr. She turned sharply round and cast a glance behind her. Then: "Did you see him?" she whispered to Valentine. "Whom?" "Him Marr!

"I fainted, or died the doctor was deceived into thinking so and was born again in the dawn of the very day on which Julian first met you." Cuckoo shivered with the recollection of Marr and her horror of that night. "Why do you shiver?" Valentine continued. "Do you find the room cold?" "No, no."

After a few years, Mr. Goode took as partner his son-in-law, Mr. Marr, a Scotchman, who had been engaged in an Indian bank for many years. The firm then became Goode, Marr, and Co., under which designation it is still carried on. The present proprietor is the son of the Mr. Marr just named, and is the gentleman upon whom a violent murderous attack was made in his office a few years ago. Mr.

With this inward aim, Sibyl Warrington held herself somewhat aloof from the young gentlemen of Westerton; there were, however, two whom she seemed to favor in her gentle way, and Aunt Faith watched with some anxiety the progress of events. Graham Marr was a young collegian, the only child of a widowed mother who lived in Westerton during the summer months.

"You do not look at all cold, my dear," she said, as the light from the first street lamps fell across the wagon, "and yet the air is very chilly." "I fear I shall have an attack of dumb-ague," said Graham Marr, shivering. Edith Chase sat on the edge of the seat, ready to spring, watching the leaders with intent gaze; as they approached the old stone house she heaved a deep sigh of relief.

A woman said to me once about him that it was like an emanation." "Ah!" The doctor finished his gruel and put down the basin on the table beside him. "By the way, where did Marr live? Anywhere in my direction? Would he, for instance, go home from Piccadilly, or the theatres, by Regent Street?" "I don't know at all where he lived." "Have you ever seen him with animals, with dogs, for instance?"

But something taught her to be perfectly frank with the doctor. So she added: "I'd been with him at that hotel the night he died." "You were the woman! "He says he's really Marr." Cuckoo spoke in the most mulish manner, following her habit when she was completely puzzled, but sticking to what she believed to be the truth. "Marr and Valentine one man! He told you that?" "He says to me 'I'm Marr."

That's a woman who'd like pretty well to get married, And there's Alexander Marr. He's a real Christian, anyhow, and so's his dog. I can always size up what a man's religion amounts to by the kind of dog he keeps. Alexander Marr is a good man." It was a relief to hear Peg speak well of somebody; but that was the only exception she made. "Look at Dave Fraser strutting in," she went on.