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'Oh it's all very fine for you, little mother, returned Maggy, 'but I'm a poor thing, only ten years old. At last, in the dead of the night, when the street was very still indeed, Little Dorrit laid the heavy head upon her bosom, and soothed her to sleep.

My grandfather had never before been in the town of Paisley, but he had often heard from Abercorn's serving-men that were wont to sorn about his father's smiddy, of a house of jovial entertainment by the water-side, about a stone-cast from the abbey-yett, the hostess whereof was a certain canty dame called Maggy Napier, then in great repute with the shavelings of the abbey.

For nearly ten minutes, she sought by scolding and whipping to silence her, but all was in vain. It is doubtful, after the means used to enforce silence, whether the child could have stopped if she had tried. At last, the mother locked her in a closet, and came, with a flushed face and mortified feelings, back to the room from which she had retired with Maggy. The moment Mrs.

M'Guinness's. Boody stamped her foot and threw her satchel on the table. Bad cess to her big face! she cried. Katey went to the range and peered with squinting eyes. What's in the pot? she asked. Shirts, Maggy said. Boody cried angrily: Crickey, is there nothing for us to eat? Katey, lifting the kettlelid in a pad of her stained skirt, asked: And what's in this? A heavy fume gushed in answer.

"'May you live long and happy years together, says the preacher, and he had a different look on his face more's if it was a pleasure instead of business he was attendin' to. "Whilest we stood there, kinder awk'ard, Charley made a high play. He gathered all his winnings in a heap. 'For laly, says he, makin' her a bow. "Maggy, she cried.

At length, in course of time, Maggy began to take pains to improve herself, and to be very attentive and very industrious; and by degrees was allowed to come in and out as often as she liked, and got enough to do to support herself, and does support herself. And that, said Little Dorrit, clapping the two great hands together again, 'is Maggy's history, as Maggy knows! Ah!

When she heard the postman's knock she was not even curious; so few letters came to her, she thought this must be Maggy Ann's monthly one from Aberdeen, and went on placidly dusting. At last she lifted it from the floor, for it had been slipped beneath the door, and then Grizel was standing in her little lobby, panting as if at the end of a race.

"I hopped up from the table and shook his hand, I shook Maggy's hand, where she stood, smilin' bashful, and then I shook the hand of a strange gent in black clothes, whose name was Mr. Somethin'-or-other. "Pete explained to me that the gent was a minister travelin' through the country, who'd offered him and Maggy a ride to town.

"Why, Edward?" asked his sister. "Can't you think, Maggy?" "No. What made him go out?" "Because we said we were so glad papa was coming home on New Year's day. I'm sure he must have thought of his home. They won't be so glad to see him on New Year's day, as we are to see our dear, good father." "Why do you say that, my son?" asked the mother. "I'm sure they can't be so glad," said Edward.

"'Well, git your plug, and we'll amble along together. "So we rode in, right cheerful, instead of quar'lin'. I made him come along to Maggy's cabin, to show it weren't a bluff about the money. "Poor Maggy, she wipes her eye on her apron, and says she'll start for our camp at oncet. "I called the Chinaman aside, confidential. "'You take care of lady! I shrieks at him.