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His patronage did not stop here; for he charged Maggy to get the tea ready, and instructed her to buy certain tea-cakes, fresh butter, eggs, cold ham, and shrimps: to purchase which collation he gave her a bank-note for ten pounds, laying strict injunctions on her to be careful of the change.

A commission of haberdashers could alone have reported what the rest of her poor dress was made of, but it had a strong general resemblance to seaweed, with here and there a gigantic tea-leaf. Her shawl looked particularly like a tea-leaf after long infusion. 'This is Maggy, sir. 'Maggy, sir, echoed the personage presented. 'Little mother! 'She is the grand-daughter said Little Dorrit.

Little Dorrit looked up, surprised, and they confronted Maggy, who brought herself at sight of them to a dead stop. She had been trotting along, so preoccupied and busy that she had not recognised them until they turned upon her. She was now in a moment so conscience-stricken that her very basket partook of the change. 'Maggy, you promised me to stop near father.

'So Maggy stopped there as long as she could, said Little Dorrit, in her former tone of telling a child's story; the tone designed for Maggy's ear, 'and at last, when she could stop there no longer, she came out. Then, because she was never to be more than ten years old, however long she lived 'However long she lived, echoed Maggy.

'Yes, Maggy. 'If you an't got no secret of your own to tell him, tell him that about the Princess. She had a secret, you know. 'The Princess had a secret? said Clennam, in some surprise. 'What Princess was that, Maggy? 'Lor! How you do go and bother a gal of ten, said Maggy, 'catching the poor thing up in that way. Whoever said the Princess had a secret? I never said so. 'I beg your pardon.

He thought of her having been born and bred among these scenes, and shrinking through them now, familiar yet misplaced; he thought of her long acquaintance with the squalid needs of life, and of her innocence; of her solicitude for others, and her few years, and her childish aspect. 'Oh, Maggy, said Little Dorrit, 'what a clumsy child you are!

He came to give some detailed orders and to instruct them in the matter of changes. He had shown forethought in bringing with him a selection of illustrated newspapers. This saved time and trouble in the matter of making the situation clear. The knowledge which conveyed itself to Maggy and Jock produced the effect of making them even more silent than usual if such a condition were possible.

When I am gone, they pervert but they don't mean it even Maggy. 'It was a very innocent commission that she undertook, poor thing. And in keeping it secret from you, she supposed, no doubt, that she was only saving you uneasiness. 'Yes, I hope so, I hope so. But I had better go home!

And the two children trod softly and slowly towards the side of the yard where the bird was, as if they had been treading on eggs or groping through the dark and afraid of a post at every step. They thought that Maggy was not conscious of their approach; though Emily did not quite like the cunning way in which the bird laid her head on every side, as if the better to hear the sound.

But, when she told him that it was only a Fairy Tale she had one day made up for Maggy, and that there was nothing in it which she wouldn't be ashamed to tell again to anybody else, even if she could remember it, he left the subject where it was.