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It seemed dreadful to let the old Ma'amselle go to Paris on a wild-goose chase, when if she could but be stopped, and brought back home, it would save the long and troublesome journey and be a delight to them all. She not only thought quickly, but she determined to act quickly. "Can either of you boys drive an automobile?" she demanded of the two uninjured guests.

Carlo answered, that he knew nothing further, than that she was to be lodged in a cottage on the borders of Tuscany, at the feet of the Apennines 'Not a day's journey distant, said he. Emily now dismissed him; and, with trembling hands, prepared the small package, that she meant to take with her; while she was employed about which Annette returned. 'O ma'amselle! said she, 'nothing can be done!

Emily endeavoured to correct the superstitious weakness of Annette, though she could not entirely subdue her own; to which the latter only replied, 'Nay, ma'amselle, you will believe nothing; you are almost as bad as the Signor himself, who was in a great passion when they told of what had happened, and swore that the first man, who repeated such nonsense, should be thrown into the dungeon under the east turret.

She affirmed, and with a solemnity of conviction, that almost staggered the incredulity of Emily, that she had seen an apparition, as she was passing to her bedroom, through the corridor. 'I had heard strange stories of that chamber before, said Annette: 'but as it was so near yours, ma'amselle, I would not tell them to you, because they would frighten you.

"Now, Ma'amselle," said Dupre earnestly, "do you remain close here with Frith and Wilson and Alloybeau while Brilliers and McDonald go with me to reconnoitre." Maren knelt beside a fallen log binding up the heavy ropes of her hair.

'I hope, said Emily, 'you will not suffer Signor Montoni to hear of these weak fears; they would highly displease him. 'What, you know then, ma'amselle, all about it! rejoined Annette. 'No, no, I do know better than to do so; though, if the Signor can sleep sound, nobody else in the castle has any right to lie awake, I am sure. Emily did not appear to notice this remark.

As she opened the chamber door, she heard remote voices, and, soon after, saw a light issue upon the further end of the corridor, which Annette and another servant approached. 'I am glad you are come, said Emily: 'what has detained you so long? Pray light me a fire immediately. 'My lady wanted me, ma'amselle, replied Annette in some confusion; 'I will go and get the wood.

With no notion of losing the game at the last moment, Rosamond sprang from the car, calling to the groom to look out for Patty, and then ran, panting, to the train. She grasped the old Ma'amselle as she was about to step on the train, and forcibly pulled her away.

But, monsieur, I can assure you my gratitude shall be in proportion to your generous gallantry. My heart tells me so; alas, poor heart! it is filled at once with gratitude and grief." "Yes, ma'amselle, I understand you have much to lament, in the loss of a faithful servant." "Faithful servant, monsieur, say, rather, friend. Faithful, indeed! Since my poor father's death, he has been my father.

"The fun of it is," said Miss Sophia to Ma'amselle Julie ten minutes later, as they were staining their pretty lips with the juice of the black mazzards, "that if Dr. Clatworthy doesn't appear " "But he will, dear." "The fun of it is that we haven't, I believe, eighteenpence between us all." "Miss St. Maur was positive that he would be punctual," said Ma'amselle Julie.

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