These aphorisms were deeply impressed upon my memory; I continually recalled them to mind, and thus I became a philosopher long before my wise teeth were in embryo, or I had even shed the first set with which kind Nature presents us, that in the petticoat age we may fearlessly indulge in lollipop. My father's education had been neglected.

Already I can see, with that bright internal eye which requires no limelight, grim Famine stalking about the Aquarium after dinner with a merry jest preening its wings on his lips. But what has all this talk of country matters to do with little Mrs. Lollipop? Absolutely nothing. She thinks no ill of herself. She is the most charitable woman in the world.

He, too, had his demon as well as Liszt, and only, as Ehlert puts it, "theoretical fear" of this spirit driving him over the cliffs of reason made him curb its antics. After all the couleur de rose portraits and lollipop miniatures made of him by pensive, poetic persons it is not possible to conceive Chopin as being irascible and almost brutal. Yet he was at times even this.

South Sea whaler I write a letter home, and how far it got on its way there The Earl of Lollipop Mr McTavish saves me from a flogging My prospects somewhat improve Another storm We lose another man A struggle for life Tierra del Fuego Cape Horn In the Pacific The coast of Patagonia, and how we nearly got wrecked Juan Fernandez Robinson Crusoe's Island I again determine to run away, but am prevented by an offer I receive "Shark!

The harpies of scandal protest that she dresses too low; that she exposes too freely the well-rounded charms of her black silk stockings; that she appears at fancy-dress balls picturesquely unclothed in a word, that the public sees a little too much of little Mrs. Lollipop; and that, in conversation with men, she nibbles at the forbidden apples of thought.

Tim threw a somerset backwards. "There, sir, all's right now. One good turn deserves another. Now I'll be off." "Where are you going to, sir?" "Going, sir!! Why, I left my lollipop in the tinder-box, and I'm going to fetch it." "Ha! ha! ha!" "Strike up, music!" and Master Jumbo commenced tumbling. Such was the elegant wit with which we amused and attracted the audience.

As the last pied guest disappeared she turned wearily to her Petticoat. "I tell you, Warb," he said, "you are sure one corker! You put 'em to sleep all right! Now you've shown 'em how, you bet they won't go on having their stupid highbrow intellectural old gatherings. Hop along to bed, little tired Lollipop."

I was maintaining the goodness of Mrs. Lollipop little Mrs. Lollipop! sweet little Mrs. Lollipop! I was going to say that she was far too good to be made the subject of whisperings and innuendoes. Her virtue is of such a robust type that even a Divorce Court would sink back abashed before it, like a guilty thing surprised. Indeed, she often reminds me of Cæsar's wife.

'I tell you what, said the tall man, who had replaced his high hat more jauntily than before on the side of his head, 'We've caught you now, fair game, and we'll let you off on conditions. You must not be frightened, Miss. Upon my honour and soul, I mean no mischief; do I, Lollipop? I call him Lord Lollipop; it's only chaff, though; his name's Smith.

We will now leave the "lollipop" darlings of material nature and pass on out of their dishevelled untidy rooms, leaving their painted faces and powdered heads to spin out the late morning among the blankets, and seek gratification elsewhere. It is breakfast-time in Henry Rayne's house and the curling steam rises in graceful clouds from the hot tasty dishes that Mrs.