You can direct me to the man I am looking for. 'Tis your captain, the great Count von Moor. There's a good lad. You and I must be chums. Do you know the captain? KOSINSKY. Thou art he! in those features that air who can look at thee, and doubt it? I have always wished to see the man with the annihilating look, as he sat on the ruins of Carthage.* That wish is realized.

KOSINSKY. I am in search of men who can look death in the face, and let danger play around then like a tamed snake; who prize liberty above life or honor; whose very names, hailed by the poor and the oppressed, appal the boldest, and make tyrants tremble. I like that fellow. Hark ye, friend! You have found your men. KOSINSKY. So I should think, and I hope soon to find them brothers.

You may have slumbered in peace after cropping a few poppy-heads, but to have a murder on your soul KOSINSKY. All the murders you bid me commit be upon my head! CHARLES. What! Are you so nimble-witted? Do you take measure of a man to catch him by flattery? How do you know that I am not haunted by terrific dreams, or that I shall not tremble on my death-bed?

Hallo! the captain! GRIMM. Patience! If it be he, there will be a third. SCHWARZ. 'Tis he! 'Tis the captain! Absent yourself awhile, Schweitzer till we explain to him! Enter CHARLES VON MOOR and KOSINSKY. Welcome, captain. I have been somewhat choleric in your absence. He meant to waylay and assassinate you. What; the captain? Oh, incomprehensible finger of the avenging Nemesis!

CHARLES. What is your name? KOSINSKY. Kosinsky. CHARLES. What? Kosinsky! And do you know that you are but a thoughtless boy, and are embarking on the most weighty passage of your life as heedlessly as a giddy girl? You will find no playing at bowls or ninepins here, as you probably imagine. KOSINSKY. I understand you, sir.

I went to work in a very different manner. KOSINSKY. What should he fear, who fears not death? CHARLES. Bravo! Capital! You have made good use of your time at school; you have got your Seneca cleverly by heart. But, my good friend, you will not be able with these fine phrases to cajole nature in the hour of suffering; they will never blunt the biting tooth of remorse. Ponder on it well, my son!

KOSINSKY. I was arrested, accused, criminally prosecuted, degraded, and mark this transported beyond the frontier, as a special favor. My estates were confiscated to the minister, and Amelia remained in the clutches of the tiger, where she weeps and mourns away her life, while my vengeance must keep a fast, and crouch submissively to the yoke of despotism. That is grist to our mill, captain!

Up! quickly! all of you! to Franconia! SCENE I. Rural scenery in the neighborhood of CHARLES VON MOOR'S castle. CHARLES VON MOOR, KOSINSKY, at a distance. CHARLES. Go forward, and announce me. You remember what you have to say? KOSINSKY. You are Count Brand, you come from Mecklenburg. I am your groom. Do not fear, I shall take care to play my part. Sun of my Fatherland!

KOSINSKY. Death and destruction! The contents were these! They had given her the choice between seeing me put to death, and becoming the mistress of the prince. SCHWEITZER. And what did you do then? KOSINSKY. Then I stood like one transfixed with a thunderbolt! Blood was my first thought, blood my last!

Once more, my son! if but a single spark of hope glimmer for you elsewhere, fly this fearful compact, where nought but despair enters, unless a higher wisdom has so ordained it. You may deceive yourself believe me, it is possible to mistake that for strength of mind which in reality is nothing more than despair. Take my counsel! mine! and depart quickly. KOSINSKY. No! I will not stir.