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"I had an idea that all of the fellows whose families are rather comfortably well off might be in the movement -or the strike or whatever you call it," Clara replied. "Oh, no; there's a lot of us who haven't gone in with the kickers -and glad we are of it," Fred replied.

Be a boy until you are fit to be a man, and hold to a boy's mode of dress at least until you are old enough to command the respect of sensible girls by something more notable than cigarette smoking and athletic sports. I often hear people making a big fuss about little things. My path in life leads me among many "kickers" and many "growlers."

"I should think so," his friend agreed; "this is not a day for a fair weather sailor. Look what a sea is breaking on the shingles!" "Yes, five minutes there would knock her into matchwood. Another ten minutes and we shall be fairly out; and I shan't be sorry; one feels as if one was playing football, only just at present the Seabird is the ball and the waves the kickers."

"It doesn't sound like it," Prescott, after a moment, admitted. "Still, you can do nothing about it. And you knew the game when you went to Annapolis." "Yes, I knew all this four years ago," Darrin admitted. "Still, the four years haven't made the deal look any more fair than it did four years ago. However, Dick, hang all kickers and sea-lawyers!

"Say," said the man, as they walked, "I thought you were going to tell me if you'd heard any talk." "I haven't heard any, sir." "Well," continued Stone, "you want to get busy; there's sure to be kickers in every coal-camp." And deep within, Hal drew a sigh of relief. It was a false alarm! They came to the boss's house, and he took a chair on the piazza and motioned Hal to take another.

The chap who writes for the 'Kickers' Column' in the newspapers can tell you all about how politics should be run, but that's the only privilege he ever gets. It's the chap who keeps still and runs the politics that gets what's to be got out of it. And that's because mankind wants what it wants, and not what it says it wants."

The pressure on the President is becoming very severe, and the worst of it is that a great part of it comes from Congressmen of his own party." "One of our Populists has christened these 'kickers' 'the reconcentrados; which is not bad, as there is said to be a kickers' caucus in process of organization.

Old Tenderfoot Sal, who kept the place, only stuck her fat elbows out and told the kickers she done the best she knowed how to, and she reckoned it was as good as you could expect in them parts, and most was suited. If they didn't like the Forest Queen Hotel, she said, they was free to get out of it and go to one that suited 'em better and as there wasn't none to go to, Sal held the cards.

"At that time drop kickers were not so numerous. I had some recollection of a fellow named O'Day, who had a great reputation as a drop-kicker, as did Hudson of Carlisle. In 1898 we were to play Pennsylvania. Our team served as a preliminary game for Pennsylvania. They often beat us by large scores. Since then we have had teams which made a 6 to 5 score. But they had good teams in my time.

So here is the argument: promote your deserving men, but do not be afraid to hire a keen outsider; he helps everybody, even the kickers, for if you disintegrate and go down in defeat, the kickers will have to skirmish around for new jobs anyway. Isn't that so? Get Out or Get in Line Abraham Lincoln's letter to Hooker!