Beside the porch a number of cavalry horses were fastened to the pillars, and through the long windows there came the sound of laughter and of gay "good-bys." The "fringe of the army," as Dan had once jeeringly called it, was merrily making ready for a raid. As he listened he leaned nearer the window and watched, half enviously, the men he had once known.

A mild-eyed ragged tramp drinking tea at the next table moved farther away. A murmur of wonder arose with an undertone of uneasiness. A laugh was heard too, and an exclamation, "There! there!" jeeringly soothing. The waiter looked all round and announced to the room "The gentleman won't believe that Ziemianitch is drunk."

I’ll go alone,” Rakitin scoffed jeeringly. “Hush, evil tongue!” Grushenka cried angrily at him; “you never said such words to me as he has come to say.” “What has he said to you so special?” asked Rakitin irritably. “I can’t say, I don’t know. I don’t know what he said to me, it went straight to my heart; he has wrung my heart.... He is the first, the only one who has pitied me, that’s what it is.

Colzean plantations lay all along the steep shore, and there was a wooded hill towards the centre, where the trees made a sort of shadowy etching over the snow. The road went down and up, and past a blacksmith's cottage that made fine music in the valley. Three compatriots of Burns drove up to me in a cart. They were all drunk, and asked me jeeringly if this was the way to Dunure.

Some of them, too, are welcome as the flowers in May for their own sake; some of them may have a human voice; some may have that magic which transforms a wooden box into a song-bird, and what we jeeringly call a fiddle into what we mention with respect as a violin.

The submarine?” jeered the bearded man. “Yep.” “Guess again, son,” laughed Curtis, jeeringly. “You’re not going back aboard the submarine to-night.” “Am so,” declared Benson, obstinately, though his tone was growing more drowsy every instant, and his busy hands moved almost as weakly as an infant’s.

Davy asked him, if he had been sold before he ran away; and he replying he had not, the merchant told him jeeringly, that he was his servant still, that he should charge him five pounds for his passage, and five pounds for costs and charges, besides Captain Froade’s bill. He next inquired where he had left Captain Froade. Mr. Carew told him he had left him in Miles’s river.

It only wanted a little to rouse the whole audience to white heat; the train was laid, the powder was set, but no one seemed able to ignite the match. People looked at one another doubtfully. The youths who had been expected to enlist remained cold and almost jeeringly critical. Then the Admiral called for Captain Trevanion. A feeling of envy came into Bob's heart as the Captain rose.

"No," I replied; "how is it, if Olivia is dead, that you have not taken possession of her property?" "A shrewd question," he said, jeeringly. "Why am I in these cursed poor lodgings? Why am I as poor as Job, when there are twenty thousand pounds of my wife's estate lying unclaimed?

They were eight in all, but four of them were evidently common seamen by their dress the others were officers. All were well-made strong men. "What a precious pretty colony you'll make, my hearties!" exclaimed one of the mutineers, jeeringly, as he helped to land a cask, and some other packages, that they had brought with them.