Dick had not sat alone more than a minute when he heard a sharp whistle from the back. It was Jacker Mack's whistle and at first Dick did not respond, but sat mopping his tears with his sleeves. The whistle was repeated three or four times, and at length he determined to meet Jacker, thinking there might be some news about the reef in the Mount of Gold.

Jacker blew a strange note on a whistle manufactured from the nut of an apricot, and after a few moments a light appeared below him, a feeble flame, far down in the rock. This was waved twice and then withdrawn. 'Righto! said Jacker in a hoarse piratical tone. 'Gimme the tucker, Black Douglas; I'll go down. You coves keep watch, an' no talkin', mind.

Each player watched the other's actions with an alert and suspicious eye, and this want of confidence led directly to the boys' undoing; for presently Dick detected Jacker in an attempt to deceive, and signalled 'Down! with an emphatic gesture. 'Gerrout! was the word framed by the lips of the indignant Jacker.

Cracker-wicks were ignited and four explosions followed, but when the smoke was gone the gang still beheld the terrible woman beating away at their unhappy comrade, too absorbed in a congenial occupation to care a solitary button for the fire of the outlaws. This was too much for Jacker.

You hid it securely? queried the detective. 'Yes, I buried it under the reef quite safe. 'And nobody knows of this hole but yourself? 'Yes, Jacker knows, an' Ted, an' Billy Peterson, an' 'Bless my soul, the whole township knows! We won't get an ounce of that gold not a colour. We'd better make the search at once, Mr. Hardy. You'll need a rope and tools, I suppose.

'How' d you like it? asked Jacker sullenly. Dick disdained to reply; indeed his attention was occupied with more important things. Out of the night came the sound of galloping hoofs and calling voices. The boys listened anxiously for a minute or so, and then realised their danger. 'They're after us! exclaimed Dick. 'Scatter an' run for the scrub. Meet at the mine!

Well, be consoled with the reflection that all knowledge is simply pain codified. Three! Four no, I will owe you the fourth. Jacker Mack, and Ted, and Peterson were prey to the wildest curiosity.

Will you, though? cried Jacker. Dick nodded and made an affirmative noise between his closed lips. 'Fork Lightnin', said Jacker, trying the name. 'Sounds well, don't it? What sorter feller will I be? Brave, eh? 'Frightened o' neither man nor devil, but awful cruel, 'cause you was crossed in love. Jacker was delighted.

'Gee-rusalem! ain't Jo got a thirst? whispered Dick when the spasm had passed. 'My oath, ain't he! replied Jacker, 'but he was drunk up afore twelve. It is necessary to explain here that the school committee, in electing Mr.

Each on his way down had gravely followed the example of Jacker, who was supposed to be the boss of the incoming shift. As the fathers labour their sons play, and for months these boys had been digging in this old mine, off and on, with enthralling mystery.