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He studied the matter therefore with the attention it deserved, for he had to consider both his own inclinations and the limits of Mary's purse. At last he said deliberately: "The squirrel. What would you choose?" "The piping bullfinch," said Mary, without an instant's hesitation. "Why," exclaimed Jackie, "that's almost the most expensive thing in the shop!"

"And now let me say the thing I have been aching to say for months," she began in less burdened voice. He lifted his brows. "Haven't things been discussed pretty fully already?" he asked. The doubtful, harassed expression clouded upon her face at his words, and she paused. "No," she said resolutely, after an instant's reflection; "it is my duty to discuss this, too.

They come in a shout that is like the roar of some wild beast, and they sound high above every other sound. There is in them the passionate ring of one who abandons all to one overpowering desire. "Aim-sa! Aim-sa! Wait, I'm comin'." There is an instant's silence which the sound of the hungry flames devours.

Nightfall of the sixth found the quarry well inside the triangle, and the South African Light Horse drawn up in a straight line running westward from Lindley. The officers slept in their boots, that night, and every trooper held himself tense in his blankets, ready to cease snoring at an instant's notice.

What was there in this padded ring for a man to fear who had faced death as Billy had faced it, and without an instant's consciousness of the meaning of the word fear? What was wrong with him, and then the shouts and curses and taunts of the crowd smote upon his ears, and he knew. It was the crowd!

And with these thoughts came a realization of how unimportant to the life and happiness of the world is the existence of any one of us. We may be snuffed out without an instant's warning, and for a brief day our friends speak of us with subdued voices.

I will transcribe the letter: "I am indeed a weak, foolish girl to fancy that the friend I so tenderly love could give an instant's pain to his poor Minna! Oh no! thou art so good, so inexpressibly good! But do not misunderstand me. I will accept no sacrifice at thy hands none whatever. Oh heavens! I should hate myself! No; thou hast made me happy, thou hast taught me to love thee.

There was an instant's breathless silence, then a far-away, pent- sounding clash, then utter havoc in the crowd: The ropes about the ring were broken over, and a tumultuous tide of people poured across the ring, myself borne on the very foremost wave. "Jest the buggy smashed, that's all!" cried a voice. "The hosses hain't hurt ner the man." The man referred to was the Professor.

Even so, he pulled again and it exploded sharp and deafening in the rarefied morning air. In that instant's pause, however, Captain had whirled so that the bullet tore through the loose fur beneath his arm. He struck, simultaneously with the report, and the gun flew outward, disappearing in the snow.

And with a dulcet yet demoniacal laugh, the singular creature pushed him into a lightless lobby, slammed a door and seemed to run away, singing the refrain of the waltz which was to haunt him forever-more. After an instant's reflection in the impenetrable shades, Claudius concluded to follow the advice of the variety theatre's prima donna.

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