Come, bear a hand, my fine feller, and Miss will give you some beer," said John, with a horse-laugh, for he was no longer respectful to Miss Sharp, as her connexion with the family was broken off, and as she had given nothing to the servants on coming away.

Gallon after gallon of wine and mead disappeared, and everybody got comfortable, then happy, then sparklingly joyous both sexes, and by and by pretty noisy. Men told anecdotes that were terrific to hear, but nobody blushed; and when the nub was sprung, the assemblage let go with a horse-laugh that shook the fortress.

Conrector Paulmann and Registrator Heerbrand raised a horse-laugh, which reverberated through the room, and, in the intervals, Veronica was moaning and whimpering, as if torn by nameless sorrow; but as to the student Anselmus, the madness of inward horror was darting through him, and unconsciously he ran out of the door, into the street. Instinctively he reached his house, his garret.

Here Richard Lander endeavoured to procure a little sleep having remained awake during the whole of the preceding night; but they were so annoyed by perpetual interruptions and intrusions, the firing of muskets, the garrulity of women, the unceasing squall of children, the drunken petition of men and boys, and a laugh, impossible to describe, but approximating more to the nature of a horse-laugh than any other, that it was found impossible to sleep for ten minutes together.

You'll find him well worth while, after you've broken through his shell." The merry jest on the Red Butte Western ran its course for another week after the three-train wreck in the Piñons for a week and a day. Then Lidgerwood began the drawing of the net. Promptly the horse-laugh died away and the trouble storm was evoked.

Hogan stared at the lad's flushed face with a look of whimsical astonishment, and for a brief spell there was silence between them. Slowly then, with his eyes still fixed upon Kenneth's, the captain unsheathed a dagger. The boy drew back, with a sudden cry of alarm. Hogan vented a horse-laugh, and ran the blade under the seal of Ashburn's letter.

Two thieves came walking by that way, And they came to the place where the old man lay, Rumsty Ho! rumsty Ho! "They stole his wallet and they stole his staff, Rumsty Ho! rumsty Ho! They stole his wallet and they stole his staff, And then broke out in a great horse-laugh, Rumsty Ho! rumsty Ho!" There was more of this song, too.

'They talked of prosecuting the magnificent footman. 'Ay, followed Seymour, 'and nobody could tell where the magnificent footman bolted. He vanished into thin air. 'Ay, of course, Melville struck in; 'and the magic enveloped the lady for some time. At this point Mr. George Uplift gave a horse-laugh. He jerked in his seat excitedly.

Suett was then actually dying, yet would he have his joke, and his last moments were cheered by the horse-laugh of the rabble assembled to spell the bulletin suspended to "the second-floor bell," attested by the mark of the old woman who attended him. "You shall be buried in Saint Paul's," said a friend. "Oh, la!" was the dying ejaculation of the comedian. New Monthly Magazine.

Sun Wu Kung could not keep his secret to himself, and agreed to do so. With a smile he said: "Just set me a task! What do you wish me to change myself into?" They said: "Turn yourself into a pine-tree." So Sun Wu Kung murmured a magic incantation, turned around and there stood a pine-tree before their very eyes. At this they all broke out into a horse-laugh.