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But it warn't no manner o' use, for I'm an' outrageous coward wi' the gals, Dan. So, in a sort o' despair, I sailed away this very mornin' into the plantation at the futt o' your garden, intendin' to cool myself an' think over it, when, who should I see almost hull down on my lee bow but the enemy Elise herself!

He was too tall for a diver he was. They say he stood six futt four in his socks; moreover he was as thin as a shadow from a bad gas-lamp. He was workin' one day down in the 'arbour, layin' stones at the foundations of the noo breakwater, when they set off a blast about a hundred yards off from where he was workin', an' so powerful was the blast that it knocked him clean on his back.

With such a splendid animal as your poor horse, Captain, an' ridden to death as it was an' as I 'spected it would be I knowed I had no chance o' comin' up wi' the Flint, so I took advantage o' my knowledge o' the lay o' the land, an' pushed ahead by a straighter line finishin' the last bit on futt over the ridge of a hill. That sent me well ahead o' the Flint, an' so I got here before him.

Any child in wood-craft might read them. See, here is the edge o' the right futt making a faint impression where the ground is soft an' the heel; surely ye see the heel!" "A small hollow I do see, but as to its being a heel-print I could not pronounce on that. Has it been made lately, think you?" "Ay, last night or this morning at latest; and it was made by the futt of Jake the Flint.

'No, you won't, said she, seizing my wrist with a grip of iron. 'If you do she's done for. Do you know where she is running to? A couple of furlongs up that path there's another that branches off on the right; it ain't more nor a futt-an'-a-half wide along a precipuss more nor a hundred futt deep. She knows it well. She'll make for that.

It warn't a right state o' mind, I confess, and I was properly punished, for, instead o' killin' me off quick an' comfortable, they tied me hand and futt, took me below, an' laid me not two yards from the slowly burnin' match. I felt raither unhappy, I assure you; an' the reptiles never noticed the match because o' the smoke o' the scrimmage.

"Master Hendrick," gasped the captain, when he had recovered breath, "it's my opinion that we have only come here to lay down our bones and give up the ghost ay, and it's no laughing business; Master Paul, as you'll find when you try to haul your long legs out of a hole three futt deep at every step." "Three futt deep!" echoed Oliver, "why, it's four futt if it's an inch look at me.

It didn't seem to strike him as absurd, however, for he putt both hands on 'is knees, an' sat lookin' straight before 'im. "He hadn't sat long in this way when they see'd a huge fish about two futt long comin' slowly through the grove behind 'im. It was one o' them creeters o' the deep as seems to have had its head born five or six sizes too big for its tail with eyes an' mouth to match.

Nothin' was ever done well in a hurry either afloat or ashore. Git your futt well into the stirrup an' don't take too much of a spring, else you'll be apt to go right over on the starboard side. Hup you go!"

"The blackguard!" growled the skipper, fiercely, referring to `that man, "if I only had his long nose within three futt o' my fist, I'd let him feel what my knuckles is made of!" "Steamer in sight, father," sang out Billy at that moment down the companion-hatch.