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But she caught herself up before the hysteria could conquer her. "Rilla Blythe, I'm ashamed of you. Pull yourself together immediately. Jims, you shouldn't have said anything like that." "God frew me off the twain," declared Jims defiantly. "Somebody frew me; you didn't frow me; so it was God." "No, it wasn't. You fell because you let go of my hand and bent too far forward.

Heresy and False Interpretation, like sisters of Bohemia, apparelled in silk of divers colours. The heretic Luther, like a party friar, in russet damask and black taffety. Luther's wife, like a frow of Spiers in Almayn, in red silk. Peter, Paul, and James, in habits of white sarsnet, and three red mantles, and lace of silver and damask, and pelisses of scarlet. A Cardinal in his apparel.

"Does you?" said Katie, kindly, "then I'll frow you one;" and she did it from the tips of her clean fingers. "But piggy's velly dirty," said she, wiping her lips on her apron. "Don't they wath him?" said Charlie; "they wath theep." "Um isn't a sheep," returned Katie; "um's a pig." "But your gwampa could wath him." "No, gampa couldn't; gampa's deaf.

Likewise," continued Peter, becoming more argumentative in his manner, "you was just a-goin' to took de bit in your teef; an' if you'd bin allowed to frow your arms round your fadder's neck an' rub all de black ober his face what would hab bin de consikence?"

"The sooner I am off the better, for I could not long conceal you here. The young frow with you is, I suppose, your companion that my wife mentioned. He has begun to suffer hardships early. Come, now, sit down and talk, for nothing can be done till dark."

Darby's field-hands," answered Agnes. "I should tink dat gal wouldn't frow herseff away in dat ar way," said Sally; "She's good lookin' 'nough to git a house-servant, and not hab to put up wid a field-nigger." "Yes," said Sam, "dat's a werry unsensible remark ob yourn, Miss Sally. I admires your judgment werry much, I 'sures you.

Dat was him, wasn't it, wid de broad shoulders an' de nice face a leetle wild-like, p'r'aps, but no wonder an' de grey beard?" "Yes; that was him my darling father!" "Well, ob course dey take him away an' bastinado him till he die, or strangle him, or frow him on de hooks; an' dey take you right away back to Osman, or wuss. I doo'd it for de best, Geo'giana." "Oh!

I thought I had seen the last of that in the Thuringenwald, Odenwald, and Schwartzwald, while on a foot-tour through Germany; but even the Germans are not so far advanced in civilization in this respect as the Norwegians, who do not hesitate to make their women cut wood, haul logs, pull carts, row boats, fish, and perform various other kinds of labor usually allotted to the stronger sex, which even a German would consider rather heavy for his "frow."

He merely whistled again to Angela and the dogs, who were reluctant, but struggled obediently down from the counterpane, leaving, alas, distinct traces in all directions. "If you frow the covers back nobody'll see anything," he hinted from the doorway, and was gone. Joy did not take his hint. Instead, she pulled the counterpane off bodily and put it in the window to sun, and then went on dressing.

There was a board at the head of the grave, shaped something like an ordinary gravestone, about three feet high and six inches wide. The inscription was as follows: OLd Jiw de PArt his Life on the 2 of WAY Re st frow LAuer On the foot-board were these words: We ll d OW N. The rude artist was Kit, the son of the old man.