Massa Gen'l, 'spect it be de bes'; for afore de Laud I feels curous when you is fitin'. Somehow I doesn't jes' feel rite all de time dey is shootin'. It seems dey would kill a darky jes'as quick as dey do a white man. "'Yes, said the General; 'why not? "'Well, sah, I doesn't know why; it 'pears like dey wouldn't kill the darkies when we work for dem so long.

So Si and Shorty crept in between the blankets, drew the top one up to their chins, and adjusted their bodily protuberances as best they could to fit the ridges and hollows beneath them. "Now, Si," said Shorty, "don't ye git to fitin' rebels in yer sleep and kick the kiver off, as ye did last night." As they lay there their ears caught the music of the bugles sounding the "tattoo."

"Dere Annabel: We're movin' on Murphysboro, where we expect a big fite. There's bin fitin' goin' on ever since we left Nashville, but the 200th Ind. hain't had no hand in it so far, except this after noon me and Shorty" He stopped, stuck his pencil in his mouth, and began to study just what words he should use to describe the occurrence.

All the soljers does, from the Major-Gin'rals down to the tail-end of the mule-whackers. Ye mind them 'Sconsin chaps we was lookin' at a little bit ago?" "Yes," said Si. "Well, graybacks was what ailed 'em. The fellers with their shirts on their knees was killin' 'em off. That's what they calls 'skirmishin'. There's other kinds o' skirmishing besides fitin' rebels!

Pity the men that got up this war can't be made to do all the trampin' 'n' fitin'. An' them fellers up in old Injjeanny that come 'round makin' such red-hot speeches to git us boys to 'list, wouldn't it be fun to see 'em humpin' 'long with gun 'n' knapsack, 'n' chawin' hardtack, 'n' stan'in' guard nights, 'n' pourin' water on their blisters, 'n' pickin' graybacks off their shirts, 'n' p'leecin' camp, 'n' washin' their own clothes?"

Thay lookt putty scrumpshus in their Bloo coats with brass buttings onto um & ware very talented drinkers, but so fur as fitin is consarned I'd willingly put my wax figgers agin the hull party. My desire was to exhibit my grate show in Salt Lake City, so I called on Brigham Yung, the grate mogull amung the mormins and axed his permishun to pitch my tent and onfurl my banner to the jentle breezis.

You will be ready to start in the morning with me to the Army of the East. "He called old Ham, and repeated the order to him to be in readiness. "Ham said: 'Afore de Lord, Massa Tom, you isn't gwine to be fitin' agin, is you? "'Yes! You get ready. Have your bedding and all your traps ready, if you think you can stand to be shot at by the rebels. "'Shot at!

"Well, not 'zactly fitin'; but we do de gard duty so all de white soldiers could fight you, and den it seems like dey had all they could do." About the same time and place a young mulatto called on us and began to berate his comrades. He said, "Dese old, black Pennsylvania Niggers ain't got no sense nohow. Dey jest as mean as dey can be." I said, "Ain't you a Pennsylvanian?"

On the Plains of Abraham there was onct some tall fitin', and ever since then there has been a great demand for the bones of the slew'd on that there occasion. But the real ginooine bones was long ago carried off, and now the boys make a hansum thing by cartin' the bones of hosses and sheep out there, and sellin' 'em to intelligent American towerists.

His wives fite amung their selves so much that he has bilt a fitin room for thare speshul benefit, & when too of 'em get into a row he has em turnd loose into that place, whare the dispoot is settled accordin to the rules of the London prize ring. Sum times thay abooz hisself individooally.