The fire in such eyes is always cold, for hunger is poor fuel to the native flame of life. "Extra speshul, m'lord all about Kruger's guns." He held out the paper to the figure that darkened the window, and he pronounced the g in Kruger soft, as in Scrooge. The hand that took the paper deftly slipped a shilling into the cold, skinny palm.

"But not yet gone," she answered; and a profound sense of foreboding spread over her speaking face as she uttered the words. Her oracle disquieted me. "Why, I dined there last night," I cried; "and all seemed exceptionally well." "The calm before the storm, perhaps," she murmured. Just at that moment I heard a boy crying in the street: "Pall mall Gazette; 'ere y'are; speshul edishun!

The familiar world is coming back, and civilian youths have begun once more to sing music-hall choruses on the way home on the tops of buses: So I dillied, And dallied, And dallied, And dillied; But you can't trust a speshul Like an old-time copper When you can't find your way home.

"Four days later we're in camp by a water-hole in the frill of the foot-hills. The Britons has got up a wall tent an' is shorely havin' a high an' lavish time. Dave an' me ain't payin' no attention to 'em speshul, as we don't see how none is needed. Besides, we has some hard ridin' to do lookin' up places for a line of sign camps.

"'An' speshul, Colonel, I goes on, for I shore aims to do my dooty by him, 'don't lay nothin' 'round loose where this yere Jerry mule can grab it off.

"Fate is stronger than we are," she murmured; "and Fate is not kind to you, Ian," she added, wearily, a wan look coming into her face. "Mio destino," she said at last "mio destino!" But who was her destiny which of the two who loved her? "Extra speshul extra speshul all about Kruger an' his guns!" The shrill, acrid cry rang down St.

Now Dan never refers to old Cape except as 'ornery; while Enright an' the rest of us sees nothin' from soda to hock in Cape, doorin' them few months he mingles with us, which merits sech obloquys. "No; ornery is a word that means what it says an' is shore deescriptif. Coyotes is ornery, sheep is ornery; an' them low-flung hoomans who herds sheep is ornery, speshul.

His wives fite amung their selves so much that he has bilt a fitin room for thare speshul benefit, & when too of 'em get into a row he has em turnd loose into that place, whare the dispoot is settled accordin to the rules of the London prize ring. Sum times thay abooz hisself individooally.

"Ye see, Mis' Deane, it's like this," he said "I as good as promised the poor old gaffer as I'd do 'im a tombstone for nuthin', an' I'm 'ere to say as I aint a-goin' back on that. But I must take my time on it. I'd like to think out a speshul hepitaph an' doin' portry takes a bit of 'ard brain work.

When I'm on the kerb shouting 'Speshul! and you comes to me with yer 'a'penny in yer 'and, you're master an' I'm man. When I comes into your shop to order refreshments, and to pay for 'em, I'm boss. Savey? You can bring me a rasher and two eggs, and see that they're this season's. The lidy will have a full-sized haddick and a cocoa." Well, there was justice in what he said.