She planted vines, We eate the Grapes; she playd the Spanish Pavine Under our windowes, we in our bedds lay laughing To heare such Mynstrelsy. How then turnd the windes? Why did this beauteous face of love in us Put on so blacke a Visour of hate to them? Oh, sir, doe but looke backe to Eighty Eight, That Spanish glasse shall tell you, shew each wrinckle.

Make much of Sir Francis, Madam. Fra. Weele leave my Nephew and your sister, Madam, And take a turne i'th garden. Sis. You may be confident. De. I doe not like the fancie in his hat; That gules is warre and will be ominous. Sis. The gentleman's turnd statue! blesse me how He staires upon me and takes roote, I thinke.

Pope Alexander the sixt, desiring to make the Duke his son a great man, had a great many difficulties, present and future: first he saw no way there was whereby he might be able to make him Lord of any State, that was not the Churches; and if he turnd to take that from the Church, he knew that the Duke of Milan, and the Venetians would never agree to it; for Faenza and Riminum were under the Venetians protection.

Leane men did burne to ashes presentlie, Fatt men did wast to leane Anatomye; Young womens heat did gett themselves with child, For none but they themselves themselves defild; Old women naturally to witches turne, And onely rubbing one another burne. The beasts were bak'd, skin turnd to crust, they say, And fishes in the River boild away.

This then was the cause, why the Popes temporal power was of small esteem in Italy; there arose afterwards Pope Alexander the sixt, who of all the Popes that ever were, shewed what a Pope was able to do with money and forces: and he effected, by means of his instrument, Duke Valentine, and by the ocasion of the French mens passage, all those things which I have formerly discoursed upon in the Dukes actions: and however his purpose was nothing at all to inlarge the Church dominions, but to make the Duke great; yet what he did, turnd to the Churches advantage, which after his death when the Duke was taken away, was the heir of all his pains.

The Divell allready Is furling up the sayles; would all the sackes Which we have bought for England were in Devonshire Turnd to small Beere, so we were but in Tavistocke To see it drawne out; were it nere so thin I'de drink a health to all the Dons in Sherryes And cry a pox upon 'em. That word heard By any lowsy Spanish Picardo Were worth our two neckes.

Feeling some thing lye heauie on his breast, he turnd it off, and getting vpon his legges lighted a candle. Heere beginneth my purgatorie.

Zacharie came running to Zadochs in sack cloth and ashes presently after his goods were confiscated and tolde him how he was serued, and what decree was comming out against them all. Descriptions stand by, heere is to be expressed the furie of Lucifer when he was turnd ouer heauen barre for a wrangler.

His wives fite amung their selves so much that he has bilt a fitin room for thare speshul benefit, & when too of 'em get into a row he has em turnd loose into that place, whare the dispoot is settled accordin to the rules of the London prize ring. Sum times thay abooz hisself individooally.

I'me all turnd eares and, Lady, long to heare you, But pressing to you doubt I am too neare you. Then I would speake, but cannot; nought affordes Expression, th'Alphabet's too poore for wordes: He that knowes Love knowes well that every hower Love's glad, Love's sad, Love's sweet Sis. And sometymes sower. Theis wordes would goe well to a tune; pray letts heare you sing.