Dry up, there, Sammy!" roared the Band of Hope. "I was finking," went on the president, confidentially and undisturbed, "why a nice little surprise for papa wouldn't be as good an idea as any. It's an awful long way to Tarawa and back, and papa's never been werry strong since the fever he got in New Guinea, before he married mamma with Mr. Chalmers."

Let me see now " "Do let me say mine while you are finking. Shall I?" pleaded Tony eagerly. "Little Robin Redbreast Perched upon a tree, Up went Pussy Cat And down went he." By the time he reached the end of the second verse he was almost breathless. "I was afraid you would say it before me," he gasped as he concluded the last line; "that's why I hurried so."

"It's a poor dog that don't know his own master," said Pat magnanimously. "Whin you're t'rough wid the magazines, I'll carry thim down to the cellar, sor." "What's the matter with the attic?" "Nothing at all, at all. I was only finking they'd be handier for you to get at in the cellar. And it's a dom sight cooler down there." With that he departed, blinking slyly.

Dey had a scrap in de dark, each finking de odder was after de jools, an' not knowin' dey was bote sleut's, an' now one of dem's bin an' taken de odder off, an' locked him in de cellar." "What on earth do you mean?" Spike giggled at the recollection. "Listen, Mr. Chames, it's dis way.

"You could if you'd wanted to, I live in ve brown house, and I've seen you lots of times. Once you 'most stepped on me." "Did I? How did that happen?" "You were finking of fings and got in my way." "Was that it?" "Vat's what my papa says, when I do it. He says I ought to look where I am going." The boy's tone was severe. There was a pause, while Mac swung his hoop against a post.

Nobbles says if I get on a chair and reach up he'll hit them down, and then I can pick them up. We was finking about doing it first thing before breakfus' to-morrer! 'But it would be you that would do it; and dad said we weren't to touch them unless they were on the ground. 'It wouldn't be me, it would be Nobbles, insisted Bobby. 'I couldn't reach up half so high.

Niver a moment but that lass was working at some t’ing. Oh, I wonder what she’s doun’ and finking this Christmas.” “Don’t you worry,” Maida always said. “Billy’ll find her for you yethe said he would.” Maida, herself, was giving, for the first time in her experience, a good deal of thought to Christmas time.

"Not a sign of them!" said Barbara now, coming from the window to the fire, and loosening her furs as she sat down opposite Julia. "Is he asleep?" she added in a cautious undertone. "Not he!" answered Julia, with a kiss for her son. "He's just lying here and finking 'bout fings! I don't know where the others can be," she went on, in evident reference to Barbara's vigil at the window.

Handsomebody, with a ferocious gleam in her eye, leaned forward to catch the rest. The Seraph's voice was low and insinuating. "I was finking" with a chuckle "that you might poison one of the nicest of the stuffed birds. Then you might get in the glass case wiv the others. We could lock the door on the outside and watch through the glass." "And I expect you think they would tear me piecemeal?

"So say I, Peter, d n mumbo jumbo particularly; but how came you here, man? tell me that." "Why, massa, I was out in de pilot boat schooner, wid my wife here, and five more hands, waiting for de outward bound, finking no harm, when dem piratical rascal catch we, and carry us off. Yankee privateer bad enough; but who ever hear of pilot being carry off? blasphemy dat carry off pilot!