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W. Keyse whistled and slapped his leg. "An' I bin' noticin' it on me own for a long while back now I come to think of it. Woddyou pipe's the matter wiv 'im? Not ill? Lumme! if 'e was ill " The eyes of W. Keyse became circular with consternation. "No, no, deer!" She reassured him, in his ignorance that the maladies of the soul are more agonising far than those that afflict the body.

Ef yew spects ter fool dis chile wiv any dem lime-juice yarns, 'bout lanterns 'n boats at night-time, yew's 'way off." I guessed he meant the fable current among English sailors, that if you hoist a sail on a calm night in a boat where flying-fish abound, and hang a lantern in the middle of it, the fish will fly in shoals at the lantern, strike against the sail, and fall in heaps in the boat.

Nosey lifted the hot, dry little claw to his lips. "If you sez I gotter go, I'll go," and rose to his feet. "'Course you gotter go. The King sez so, an' I sez so. Don't you get worritin' about me; I'll be all right when you comes 'ome wiv yer medals. . . ." Nosey caught the nurse's eye and tiptoed out of the ward. Janie turned her face to the Valley of the Shadow.

I ain't struck on dyin' afore my time, and I don't know as I'm greatly struck on livin', but, whichever it is, you got ter make the best on it. I woulden mind stoppin' a bullet fair an' square; but I woulden like one of them 'orrible lingerin' deaths. "Died o' wounds" arter six munfs' mortal hagony that's wot gets at me. Git it over an' done wiv, I sez. Ow, chuck it, Bill.

Ef it hab ketch anywhar, nobody eber see US too. Fus, I t'ought I jump ober de side neber face de skipper any mo'. But he uz er good ole man, en he only say, 'Don't be sech blame jackass any more. En I don't." From which lucid narration I gathered that the finback had himself to thank for his immunity from pursuit. "'Sides," persisted Goliath, "wa' yew gwine do wiv' him?

"Gentle-folks, sir, rich folks like you an' m'lud. 'I'd gillertine the lot, if I'd my way, he says, 'like the Frenchies did in Ninety-three, 'e says. But 'e wouldn't reelly o'course, for Nick's very tender-hearted, though 'e don't like it known. So we 're pals, we are, and I often drop in to smoke a pipe wiv 'im " "What! Do you smoke, Imp?"

"The hours I spent wiv thee, dear 'eart, are-Stan' still, Ginger like a string of pearls ter me-ee ... Grrr, Nellie, stop kickin'!" The range of desolate hills in the background is flickering with gun-flashes and grumbling with drum-fire the Bosch evensong. Somebody's catching it in the neck to-night. A chestnut. Yep. Now if this was 1914, with that racket loose, we'd be standing to.

The little boy forgot his dignity and drew nearer to his mother. "That's the rats, Andrew," said Aunt Janet, watching him. His mother explained that rats were a pest, to be hunted out like rabbits in Australia. He drew away from her then and stood with his back to the fire, his hands behind. "Andwew kill wats," he announced. "Wiv a big stick."

Spicture comes back" thus Dolly "she shall set in her own chair wiv scushions, and she shall set in her own chair wiv a 'igh hup bact, and she shall set in her own chair wiv...." Here came a pause, due to inanition of distinctive features. Dolly's style was disfigured by vain repetitions, beyond a doubt. "When old Mrs.

His voice wobbled strangely; there was scalding water dammed up behind his ugly honest eyes. "She she bin an' opened the packet and filled the pipe, an' I shared out the 'Oneydew in the trenches as far as it went, but I bin an' kep' the pipe, sayin' to myself I'd smoke it when she lighted it wiv 'er own 'ands, an' not not before.