"Faith, I done some divin' without tryin', but 'twas ragged work I pulled a belly smacker every time. I got to tame that hammick o' mine. It throwed me four times hand-running and the only way I could hold it down was to unhook it and lay it on the floor." "Sleep well then?" "I did not.

"This way," sez my fat friend, duckin' behind a big bull-god an' divin' into a passage. Thin I remimbered that I must ha' made the miraculous reputation av that temple for the next fifty years. "Not so fast," I sez, an' I held out both my hands wid a wink. That ould thief smiled like a father.

The hole under that desk wa'n't built for divin' through; so McCallum wedges himself in there like a cork in a bottle, wavin' his legs in the air, and callin' for help. "There!" says Marjorie, throwin' some bills on the floor. "That's for what I owe you, you horrid old fraud! Baby elephant, am I? Oh, you wretch!" With that she goes out and bangs the door behind her.

"Par ce, répondit Grangousier, qu'ainsi Dieu l'a voulu, lequel nous fait en cette forme et cette fin selon divin arbitre." Rabelais, book i. c. 41. Upon Beroalde, again, upon D'Aubigné, and upon Bouchet he has made no direct and verbatim depredations.

I'm goin' to entertain a pillar of society, and a sight of that mug of yours might get him divin' through the window." "Ahr-r-r-r chee!" remarks Swifty Joe, catchin' the wink. Course, I might have got real peevish over Mr. Bayne's suspicions, and told him to go chase himself; but I'm feelin' sort of good-humored that day.

When there 'e got another fright that well-nigh finished him, an' from that day he gave up divin' an' tuck to gardening, for which he was much better suited." "What happened to him?" asked Edgar. "I'm not rightly sure," answered Maxwell, refilling his pipe, "but I've bin told he had to go down one day in shallow water among sea-weed.

The music swelled, and now it was not Jacqueline alone who sang; M. Cartel's voice rose, completing, perfecting the higher feminine notes, blending with them as the music of wind or running water might harmonize with the singing of a bird. It was not art but nature that was at work in the words: 'Nous sommes tous les amants, fidèles a leur serment! Ah, le divin roman!

He knawed it was weakness of heart that called for drink after Coonistock died; an' he let me go on an' on just to gain his own dark ends. You'll see, you'll see. But that reminds me. Of all my relations you an' your mother's all I care for; because you'm of my awn blood an' you've let me bide, an' haven't been allus watchin' an' waitin' an' divin' me to the bottle.

"Me?" he said, with deadly mildness; "sure not. Can't you see I've got a divin' suit on? I'm goin' up in a submarine balloon to catch butterflies with a two-inch auger. "Excuse me," said Haywood, with the insulting politeness of his caste, "for mistaking you for a gentleman. I might have known better."

Well, ye see, I s'pose they found swimmin' for miles out to sea, and divin' fathoms deep, wasn't exciting enough, so they invented this game o' swimmin' on the surf.