Pickwick ever go? This is an open question. Is the chronicler here a little obscure, as he is speaking of "the gentlemen" en bloc? Perhaps he did, perhaps he did'nt, as Boz might say. On his visit to Rochester, it does not appear that he went to see his "picked-up" friend, Jingle, perform. The Bath Theatre is in the Saw Close, next door to Beau Nash's picturesque old house.

Tears filled her eyes, and burying her face in Arthur's bosom she begged him to go after Miggie, to bring her. back and keep her there always, threatening that if he did'nt "Nina would be bad." Tenderly, but firmly, as a parent soothes a refractory child, did Arthur soothe the excitable Nina, telling her Miggie should come again, or if she did not, they'd go up and see her.

And when you do come down, we'll take a turn that won't be pleasant to some of us. Crop and I took the hint and sat still, thinkin' maybe he'd get over his pet and move off; but he did'nt lean that way at all. He seemed to've made up his mind to stay there as long as we stayed on the log, be the same more or less.

He did'nt move for a space, and I thought I had missed him, when all of a sudden, he sprung right straight up an eend, his sword slipt through his hands up to the pint, and then he fell flat on his face atop of the blade, and it came straight out through his back. He was fairly skivered.

"What is the cause of your amusement?" said Miss Lavinia. "Oh, I only meant that she told everybody who came, that everybody was good." "Hum!" "She does," said Redbud. "Then you mean that you do not deserve her praise?" "Oh, I did'nt mean that, cousin Lavinia! I'm very glad she likes me. I want everybody to like me. But it's true." "I believe you are good, Redbud," Miss Lavinia said, calmly.

"Nothing, sir!" "You had the boldness to write this canting hypocritical " "Oh, Mr. Rushton!" "You wrote it?" "Yes, sir; and it is right, though I did'nt mean to write it or know it." "Very grand!" "Sir?" "You bring your wretched " "Oh, I did'nt know I wrote it even, sir! But indeed that is not right, sir. All of us ought to trust in God, however great our afflictions are, sir."

There'd be a rush of folks to it, as there is in one of our inns, to the dinner table, when they sometimes get jammed together in the door-way, and a man has to take a running leap over their heads, afore he can get in. A little nigger boy in New York found a diamond worth 2,000 dollars; well, he sold it to a watchmaker for 50 cents the little critter did'nt know no better.

Miss Fanny attributed this manoeuvre to a feeling very different from the real one; and clapping her hands more joyfully than ever, cried: "There you are! I believe you are going to pretend he ain't your beau! But you need not, madam. As if I did'nt know all about it " "Oh, Fanny!" murmured poor Redbud. "Come! no secrets from me!

The settler drew a breath long and heavy in proportion to the draught he had swallowed, and when his lungs had again recovered their play, answered blusteringly, in a voice that betokened incipient intoxication. "Roar me up a saplin' Mister, but you're mighty stingy of the Wabash. I reckon as how I made you a free offer of my food, and it war'nt no fault of mine if you did'nt choose to take it.

Owin' to private considerations, I did'nt mind the soot, but I clambered down, and there I was, to my amazement, rite in the private apartments of the Queen.