He followed an air, but it swam mistily into a swirling current of improvisation. You could cull out the trill of mountain brooks, the staccato of green rushes shivering above chilly lagoons, the pipe of sleepy birds. Rounding a corner, the whistler collided with a mountain of blue and brass. "So," observed the mountain calmly, "You are already pack.

Happily our hero was able to cull from his reading many phrases of oriental rhetoric and combining these with some distant memories of the "Song of Songs" he was able to compose the most flowery epistle you could wish for, full of unlikely similes and improbable metaphors.

"I think it must be more jolly, as you call it, Lucy." "I'm not quite sure. I know I'd go back and be Medora, if I could. Mamma is always telling Polly that she must be careful about William's dinner. But Conrad didn't care for his dinner. 'Light toil! to cull and dress thy frugal fare! See, I have plucked the fruit that promised best." "And how often do you think Conrad got drunk?"

From none could she cull the merest scrap of evidence to assist her. But on the morrow she had information as prodigal as it was unlooked-for, and from the unlikeliest of sources her father himself. Chafing at his inaction and lured into indiscretions by the subsiding of the pain of his wound, Gregory quitted his bed and came below that night to sup with his daughter.

'Halt, deliver, must and shall, can't and sha' n't, do as I bid you, or go to the devil! That's all Fighting Attie's palaver; and, 'Sdeath, it has a wonderful way of coming to the point! A famous cull is my friend Attie, an old soldier, has seen the world, and knows what is what; has lots of gumption, and devil a bit of blarney.

But the gentleman; why did he, with his range of choice among the ladies of the land, why did he stoop down to carry off the poor man's darling? With all the glories of the garden at his hand, why did he prefer to cull the wild-rose, Jem's own fragrant wild-rose? His OWN! Oh! never now his own! Gone for evermore. Then uprose the guilty longing for blood! the frenzy of jealousy!

Doubtless she met with strange reading in the volumes she took to her closet, and her simple virgin mind found cause for the solving of many problems; but from the pages she contrived to cull stories of lordly lovers and cruel or kind beauties, whose romances created for her a strange world of pleasure in the midst of her loneliness.

I knew he must be at the laboratory, and, gathering the mail, which the postman had just slipped through the letter slot, I went over to the University to see him. As I looked over the letters to cull out my own, one in a woman's handwriting on attractive notepaper addressed to him caught my eye.

"Certainly, Donahue," said the young man, pleasantly. "Good evening, gentlemen," he said to us, with a pleasant smile. Donahue walked off on his beat. "This is the goods," whispered Rivington, nudging me with his elbow. "Look at his jaw!" "Say, cull," said Rivington, pushing back his hat, "wot's doin'? Me and my friend's taking a look down de old line see?

I hope you quite recover from the effects of the ice age." And with her fine confident buzz that yet sounded slightly anxious, little Maya raised her gleaming wings and flew out into the sunshine across to the flowery meadows to cull a little nourishment. Puck looked after her, and carefully meditated what might still be said. Then he observed thoughtfully: "Well, now. Well, well. Why not?"