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We must have no concealments, Hester. You and I are alone in the world, and we must comfort each other. We agreed to this. Why should you be ashamed of what you feel? I believe that you have a stronger interest in this misfortune than any one in the world; and why " "How do you mean, a stronger interest?" asked Hester, trying to command her voice. "Tell me what you mean, Margaret."

"That he is so now, I fully believe; but that a very different magnet first kept him from the Canadas, I am sure. We treated each other generously, Miss Effingham, and had no concealments, during that long and anxious night, when all expected that the day would dawn on our captivity.

Grace looked at her in silent sorrow, and Mrs. Maynard went on with sympathetic seriousness: "Oh! there's one thing I want to ask you about, Grace: I don't like to have any concealments from you." Grace did not speak, but she permitted Mrs. Maynard to proceed: "Barlow recommended it, and he's lived here a great while. His brother took it, and he had the regular old New England consumption.

It is only right to mention here, that I repeat Pesco's statement to me with the careful suppressions and alterations which the serious nature of the subject and my own sense of duty to my friend demand. My first and last concealments from the reader are those which caution renders absolutely necessary in this portion of the narrative.

Evandale." "Are you, miss? I'm sure I'm very glad to hear it! We all thought, miss, that it was Mr. Lepel." "No; I shall never marry Mr. Lepel." "Is it a secret, miss?" said Parker. "Until Mr. Evandale comes back from Yorkshire that is all. After that we will have no more concealments of any kind.

The old woman, however, seemed to have no wish for concealments, saying at once: "I never had but one husband, Mrs. Wardle; but I'll tell you. I've always gone by the name of Prichard ever since my son.... But I never told you of him neither! It is he I would forget...." This disturbed her made her take the caressing hand restlessly from Dave's head, to hold and be held by the other.

Three months before, she would not have hesitated to offer it; but he had changed since then, and something told her he had resolved to be less dependent in the future. "I don't like concealments," urged Agnes; "I felt meanly in acting so about your dress, Ruth." Ruth smiled, and said: "You always had a tender conscience, child, but there is no other way of doing this, I am convinced."

That there are some legitimate concealments of an organized character such as the privacies of the family and business firms, the temporary concealment of public negotiations at critical stages, the occasional withdrawal of scandals which could only disturb and demoralize communities, and the secrecy of military combinations; nor are we prepared totally to condemn all private plans and arrangements between good and true citizens, in great emergencies, to resist the machinations of the wicked.

If I mayn't talk to anybody else, can't I come to you with my opinions in odd moments, when your serene highness has nothing better on hand?" "You may bring your valuable ideas to me, and I will hear them, when I have leisure and inclination. Yes, that will be best. But no concealments, mind.

He is one of the most sincere; truthful, and courageous of writers, has no reserves or concealments, and pours out his feelings and opinions exactly as they lie in his own heart and brain. We at least feel assured that he has no imperfections which he does not express, and that there is no disagreement between the book and the man.

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