Good morning, madam," and she departed. While he had always taken an active interest in politics, it was many years before Barnum consented to run for any office. In 1860 his political convictions were changed, and he identified himself with the Republican party.

During the foreign tour of the Barnum & Bailey show she joined that Organization in Vienna, 1901, and remained with it for five years, and now, after eighteen years of service, she stands well up among the stars. She has swallowed a 26-inch blade, but the physicians advise her not to indulge her appetite for such luxuries often, as it is quite dangerous.

There are fishes in the seas and beasts in the forest; birds still fly in the air, and strange creatures still roam in the deserts; giants and pigmies still wander up and down the earth; the oldest man, the fattest woman, and the smallest baby are still living, and Barnum will find them. "Or even if none of these things or creatures existed, we could trust to Barnum to make them out of hand.

They found they were simply on exhibition, and that people paid a fee for the privilege of coming in and gazing at them. Forthwith there was an outcry of discontent and anger. Nothing would induce them again to appear upon the stage. Their dignity had been irretrievably offended, and Barnum was actually fearful lest they should wreak vengeance upon him with physical violence.

Thus the news went abroad that poor Barnum was hunted and troubled on every side with these clock notes.

"It was far from pleasant," said Noah, tapping his fingers together reflectively. "I don't want to go through it again, and if, as Raleigh suggests, history is likely to repeat herself, I'll sublet the contract to Barnum here, and let him get the chaff." "It was all right in the end, though, dad," said Shem. "We had the great laugh on 'hoi polloi' the second day out." "We did, indeed," said Noah.

"Then," said Shakespeare, "in the opinion of you gentlemen, we old-time lions would appear to modern eyes to be more or less stuffed?" "That's about the size of it," said Carlyle. "But you'd draw," said Barnum, his face lighting up with pleasure. "You'd drive a five-legged calf to suicide from envy.

He evidently took Barnum for a real negro, and in another moment would have blown his brains out. But quick as a flash the showman exclaim, "I am as white as you!" and at the same moment rolled up his sleeves showing the white skin of his arm. The other man dropped his pistol in consternation and humbly begged Barnum's pardon. "On four different occasions in my life," said Mr.

One morning they discovered that the waves had thrown up on the beach a young black whale, nearly twelve feet long. The animal was dead, but still hard and fresh, and Barnum bought it for a few dollars from the man who claimed it by right of discovery. He sent it at once to the Museum, where it was exhibited in a huge refrigerator for a few days, where crowds came to see it.

"In fact, Mr. Olmsted." Barnum continued, earnestly, "you may bind me in any way, and as tightly as you please only give me a chance to dig out, or scratch out, and I will do so or forfeit all the labor and trouble I may have incurred." In reply to this letter, which Barnum took to his house himself, Mr. Olmsted named an hour when he could call on him.