"I would like to put that girl in her place once!" thought Mrs. Salisbury. She began to wish that Justine would marry, and to envy those of her friends who were still struggling with untrained Maggies and Almas and Chloes. Whatever their faults, these girls were still SERVANTS, old-fashioned "help" they drudged away at cooking and beds and sweeping all day, and rattled dishes far into the night.

He laid down the written pages and took up the leaflet entitled, "ALMAS DE CAUTIVERO." The text that followed was like the heading, simply a translation into Spanish of the exhortation he had just read in English. But he read it through and noted the places where the Spanish version was even more inflammatory than the English which, in Starr's opinion, was going some.

There is no other way; no one else will tell you. I have a well-wisher at the Court, named Farrūkh-fāl, and will introduce you to him. 'That would be excellent, cried the prince. A meeting was arranged between Farrūkh-fāl and Almās, and then the amīr took him to the king's presence and introduced him as a stranger and traveller who had come from afar to sit in the shadow of King Sinaubar.

Upon this the prince sent for four swift and strong horses, and had the negro bound to each one of them; then each was driven to one of the four quarters, and he tore in pieces like muslin. This frightened Mihr-afruz horribly, for she thought the same thing might be done to herself. She cried out to the prince: 'O Prince Almas! what is hardest to get is most valued.

"He told me to tell you that you must be present in person when the sacks are emptied, lest they should exchange the grain, for he had bought a very good quality." "Naturally I shall be there in person. How should I not be? And where is the ship with the grain?" "Below Almas, at the bottom of the Danube." But now Athanas thrust Timéa right away, and sprung up in a rage.

They were already above Almas, and not far from Komorn; in those parts he knew the channel so well that he could have steered the vessel safely with his eyes shut. As far up as the Raab Danube, there was no more danger to fear. And yet there was something! Off Fuzito a soft, dull thud was heard; but at this thud the steersman cried "Halt!" in a fright, to the towing-team.

Then I want the news; remember I've been out in the wild and woolly since before the holidays." When their order had been given, Winnie observed: "I suppose you've heard about Wiley. He's been down in Mexico and grabbed off a new oil well, the Almas Perderse " "The Lost Souls!" Thode's hands clenched, and he drew a deep breath between set teeth. "So he pulled it off, did he? By Jove, I wonder "

It has a good deal to do with my distrust of Starr and his 'Almas Perderse'." At an ungodly hour the next morning Winnie North was summoned to the telephone. "Hello! What the deuce is it?" he demanded sleepily, but the voice which came to him over the wire speedily dispelled his somnolence. "That you, Win? This is Kearn Thode." "What! Gad, old man, it's good to hear your voice!" Winnie exclaimed.

And afterwards the said Hastings charges the said Almas Ali with an intention of removing from the Nabob's dominions: he states, "as taking with him," and therefore being possessed of, "an immense treasure, the fruits of his embezzlements and oppressions, and an army raised for its protection." And the said instruction is as followeth.

The common mode to present large sums in specie to princely visitors, is to form a platform with the money, spread the masnad on it, and place the visitor on the rich seat. Mr. Smith states that he had himself seen Asafu-d-Daula, the then Nawwab of Lucknow, receive a lack of rupees in this way from Almas, one of his eunuchs.