But the Holy Spirit had yet a greater torment in store for her, if that were possible. For, after the sermon, a consistorium was held in the church upon a grievous sinner named Trina Wolken, who, it appeared, had many times done penance for her unchaste life, but had in no wise amended. And she heard the priest asking, "Who accuseth this woman?"

Indeed the whole scene between Thekla and Lady Neubrunn might, perhaps, have been omitted without injury to the play. These four lines are expressed in the original with exquisite felicity: Am Himmel ist geschaeftige Bewegung. Des Thurmes Fahne jagt der Wind, schnell geht Der Wolken Zug, die Mondessichel wankt Und durch die Nacht zuckt ungewisse Helle.

"My Star" is tender, and the accompaniment is richly worked out on simple lines. Three Vocal Duets are well-handled, but the long "Eilende Wolken" has a jerky recitative of Händelian naïveté, to which the aria is a welcome relief. Her sonata for piano and violin has been played here by Mr. Kneisel, and in Berlin by Mme. Carreño and Carl Halir. Besides these, Mrs.

"Dear Christian Friends, Because Trina Wolken hath broken her baptismal vows, and given herself over to the devil, to work all uncleanness with greediness; and though divers times admonished to repentance by the Church, yet hath stiffened her neck in corruption, and hardened her heart in unrighteousness, therefore we herewith place the said Trina Wolken under the ban of the excommunication.

Therefore he called upon the whole Christian congregation to stand up and listen to the words of the anathema, by which he gave over Trina Wolken to the devil, in the name of the Almighty God." And as he spoke the curse, it fell word by word upon the head of Sidonia, as if he were indeed pronouncing it over herself

The words "wanken" and "schweben" are not easily translated. The English words, by which we attempt to render them, are either vulgar or antic, or not of sufficiently general application. So "der Wolken Zug" The Draft, the Procession of Clouds. The Masses of the Clouds sweep onward in swift stream. A very inadequate translation of the original:

We returned from Mertoun after breakfast through an incipient snowstorm, coming on partially, and in great flakes, the sun bursting at intervals through the clouds. At last Die Wolken laufen zusammen. We made a slow journey of it through the swollen river and heavy roads, but here we are at last. I am rather sorry we expect friends to-day, though these friends be the good Fergusons.

The German translation quoted by Mr. Schlegel runs, Erstlich ward er ein Leu mit furchterlich rollender Mahne, Floss dann als Wasser dahin, und rauscht' als Baum in den Wolken.

Der Eichwald brauset, die Wolken ziehn, Das Maegdlein wandelt an Ufers Gruen; Es bricht sich die Welle mit Macht, mit Macht, Und sie singt hinaus in die finstre Nacht, Das Auge von Weinen getruebet: Das Herz is gestorben, die Welt ist leer, Und weiter giebt sie dem Wunsche nichts mehr. Du Heilige, rufe dein Kind zurueck, Ich babe genossen das irdische Glueck, Ich babe gelebt and geliebet.

Another vocal work of great merit is an a capella motet, while among her earlier compositions is the scena for contralto and orchestra, entitled "Eilende Wolken," on a text from Schiller's "Maria Stuart." Mrs. Her vocal works include more than sixty songs, most of which are well known to American music lovers. Some are provided with violin obligato, while others have orchestral accompaniments.