On flew the schooner under bare poles, the seas roaring up on either side, and often breaking over her. Every man had to hold on for his life; away, away she flew; every instant plunging more and more, while the foaming seas seemed still more eager to make her their prey. Murray, attended by Wasser, disappeared below. He soon returned.

They very nearly got hold of Paddy, whom, in spite of his costume and colour, they had discovered not to be a negro; but Jack and Alick hauled him back, with the loss only of part of his shirt. Poor Wasser was in the same manner saved by Needham; had they got him they would, to a certainty, have killed him.

Unfortunately, its outward expression was vague, being limited to a repetition of the following formula: "Su'shine all ri'! Wasser maar, eh? Wass up, su'shine?" Miss Mary stopped, and, taking fresh courage from her vantage of distance, asked him if there was anything that he wanted. "Wass up? Wasser maar?" continued Sandy, in a very high key.

Our streams and lochs are like the rivers and pools in Germany, that have all their Wasser Nixe, or water witches, and I have a fancy for these kind of amphibious bogles and hobgoblins."

I enjoyed most of all the performances at the Theater an der Wien, at which they were acting a grotesque fairy play called Die Abenteuer Fortunat's zu Wasser und zu Land, in which a cab was called on the shores of the Black Sea and which made a tremendous impression on me. About the music I was more doubtful.

Schoppenvoll paid no attention whatever to the interruption. He gave an exhibition of cork-pulling which a watchmaker might have envied for its delicacy; he poured the tall glasses half-full of the clear amber fluid and opened the bottles of Glanzen Wasser. The three friends, Schoppenvoll now sitting, clinked their steins solemnly and emptied them.

I could hear Temple rehearsing his German vocabulary, 'Brod, butter, wasser, fleisch, bett, as we stumbled along. Then it fell to 'Brod, wasser, bett, and then, 'Bett' by itself, his confession of fatigue.

Ruin me! … Say, old boy, what about dividend due 'morrow on Orange County Eclectic mean Erlextic no! mean 'Letric! Damn! Wasser masser tongue?"

There, at the foot of that weedy and vacuous and yet charming old Neptune how perfectly he suits his age! there, if you look, you will see certain gigantic leaves sculptured into the rock. I once overheard a German she-tourist saying to her companion, as she pointed to these things: "Ist doch sonderbar, wie das Wasser so die Pflanzen versteinert."

"I have a better location for you, not half a block away, and I've taken an option on a long-time lease for it." The stolid boy removed the steins. The three gentlemen poured the Glanzen Wasser into their wine. "I will not sell the lease," announced Ersten with such calm finality that Johnny apologized for the intrusion and withdrew.