Let Dawson watch the men themselves; but watch you such women as I indicate women who appear to be French and yet are not French. I will speak to the Chief, not to Dawson, but to the Great Chief of us all. You shall be dressed in the tenue of a French flying officer; you shall avoid French or Belgian officers who might ask questions the most embarrassing.

Chapter iii. 7. S'il arriue que vous faciez la promenade auec eux, vous leur laisserez tousiours la place honorable, qui est celle qui sera marquée par l'vsage. A parler generalement, il semble que plusieurs Nations ont passé en coustume que la droite soit tenuë pour vne marque de reuerence, de telle soit, que quand quelq'vn veut deferer

"Tant que si sur ce point la nuit ne fût venue, Toujours comme cela je me serais tenue, Ne voulaut point céder, ni recevoir l'ennui Qu'il me pût estimer moins civile que lui...." He called to her from the bed, where he was lying on his elbow. "Now come!" Whereupon, full of animation and with heightened colour, she exclaimed: "Don't you think that I, too, love you!"

The children of five hundred a year must look like those of a thousand; and those of a thousand must rival the tenue of little lords and ladies born in the purple; while the amount of money spent in the tradesman-class is a matter of real amazement to those let into the secret.

His dress was careless, his eyes haggard, and all the weaknesses of the face seemed to have leaped to view, amid the general relaxation of tenue and dignity. He came up to the chair at which Lester was writing, and flung himself frowning into a chair beside it. "I hear mother and Marcia are away?" "They have gone to Hoddon Grey for the Sunday. Didn't you know?" "Oh yes, I knew. I suppose I knew.

Babu, who is always en grand tenue, has taken command of everything and saves our host all trouble.

And Mr Froude was also free from the mannerisms, at times amounting to very distinct affectation, to which, in his middle period more especially, Mr Arnold succumbed. But he did not quite keep his friend's high level of distinction and tenue.

In the drawing-room there was a piano and a few etchings of the wild boar by Schaffein. I dressed for dinner in my "smoking," though under ordinary circumstances I should have considered this rather formal, but I was glad I did, for she appeared in full evening tenue. She wore a violet gown, and across her forehead a black satin bandeau with a Z in diamonds upon it.

In their fields, at heedless labor, were men and women in the scantiest costumes, compared to which Adam and Eve, in their fig-tree apparel, must have been en grande tenue. We passed them with serious faces, while they laughed and giggled, and pointed their index fingers at this and that, which to them seemed so strange and bizarre.

"I know you both, and your droll characters, the time will come when you may know each other, and in any case, I feel that you will both remember that tenue, a recognition of correct behaviour, helps all situations in life, and the rest is in the hands of the Bon Dieu." Then she left us again, and Alathea sat stiffly down upon an uncompromising little Louis XV canapé out of my reach.