Thou fool! this echo is a cheat as well, The hum of earthly instincts, and we crave A world unreal as the shell-heard sea. Criminals might be compelled to yield up their secrets to them in uncontrollable muscular vibrations, their Sub-Consciousness being tapped. For students under examination table-turning would be very useful for recalling forgotten knowledge.

No one, who has ever really experienced spontaneous ghostly manifestations, could for one moment believe in the genuineness of the phenomena produced at séances. They have never deceived me, and I am of the opinion spirits cannot be convoked to order, either through a so-called medium falling into a so-called trance, through table-turning, automatic writing, or anything else.

Cummings wanted to know something about some undertaking in which he was concerned, but he could get no answer of any description whatever at which he said he was very disappointed and was afraid there was not much in table-turning after all. I thought this rather selfish of him. The seance was very similar to the one last night, almost the same in fact. So we turned to the letter.

The veil that separates this world from the next is a very thin one; and if our intercourse with each other is less complete than in the days when we were together in the flesh, it is none the less real. I have become a spiritualist since I went to England." "A what?" asked the hostess. "You must have heard of table-turning, and all those strange manifestations?" "La! Mr.

Then, all of a sudden, the moorland villages round were overtaken by an epidemic of spirit-rapping and table-turning. 'It wor sperrits here, sperrits there, sperrits everywhere t' warld wor gradely swarmin wi 'em, said Margaret bitterly.

Why is it that quackery rides rampant over the land; and that not long ago, one of the largest public rooms in this great city could be filled by an audience gravely listening to the reverend expositor of the doctrine that the simple physiological phaenomena known as spirit-rapping, table-turning, phreno-magnetism, and I know not what other absurd and inappropriate names, are due to the direct and personal agency of Satan?

For a long time I could not get to sleep, and kept turning from side to side. 'Confound this foolishness about table-turning! I thought. 'It simply upsets one's nerves.... Drowsiness began to overtake me at last.... Suddenly it seemed to me as though there were the faint and plaintive sound of a harp-string in the room. I raised my head.

We, being an old fogy, would so much like to go back to those days to think of daguerreotypes as a stupendous triumph of Science, balloons as indigenous to Cremorne, and table-turning as a nine-days' wonder; in a word, to feel our biceps with satisfaction in an epoch when wheels went slow, folk played tunes, and nobody had appendicitis. But we can't!

Bunje, my lad, you were responsible for this entente have you any idea what we are going to do with them after dinner?" "None," replied the Indiarubber Man; "none whatever. It will come to me sudden-like. I might dress up as a bogey, and frighten you all or shall we try table-turning? Or we could dope their liquor and send them all back insensible. Wouldn't that be true Oriental hospitality!

But even accepting the term in the way I know it is meant to be used say, for instance, as it comes from the mouth of some conservative old gentleman, or supposed scientific authority one's medical man to wit "Do you believe in spiritualism?" meaning "Are you such an ass as to believe in table-turning, and rapping, and all that kind of nonsense?" even so, the question would admit of being answered by another question; though I rarely enter so far on the matter with those whose minds are evidently quite comfortably made up on the matter.