The persons at a séance are the victims of a sort of mania or delusion, and imagine phenomena to occur which have no real objective existence. Third Theory. The whole is the result of conscious or unconscious cerebral action. These two theories are evidently incapable of embracing more than a small portion of the phenomena, and they are improbable explanations for even those.

"I wish you would tell me a little more about it," he said persuasively. "I don't ask out of idle curiosity. I was very much impressed by what happened on the first night of our visit here I mean at the séance." "So was I," she said reluctantly. "But, of course, this had nothing to do with with anything of that sort. My aunt and Mr. Varick were reading Mr.

There was no crowd round the chairs, as the morning throng had thinned for déjeuner, and she heard Lord Dauntrey say: "I assure you, Monseigneur, it never went as badly as this on my roulette at home. You saw the records. But nobody can win at every séance. Don't be discouraged. I'm confident my system's unbreakable in the end."

When I once told a sceptical friend about Miss Florence Cook's séance, and added, triumphantly, "Why, she's a pretty little simple girl of sixteen," that clenched the doubts of this Thomas at once, for he rejoined, "What is there that a pretty little simple girl of sixteen won't do?"

Give Georgino a cigarette, Peppino! I am sure he deserves one, after all those accidentals." She pulled up the blind again in order to read her note and as she read her face clouded. "Ah! I am sorry for that," she said. "Peppino, the Princess does not go out in the evening; they always have a seance there. I daresay Daisy means to ask us some evening soon. We will keep an evening or two open.

When he had sufficiently recovered, after the lapse of a few days, to admit of his reading the numerous letters awaiting his attention, one was put into his hand which had been brought on the second night after the one of the memorable séance. It ran as follows: "JOCKEY CLUB, January 26, 186-.

Yahi tells me that the great danger is that, if the slightest part of the formula is incorrectly observed, the person attempting the astralization is swallowed up into nothingness. However, he declares himself willing to try." The seance was to take place at Mrs. Rasselyer-Brown's residence, and was to be at midnight. "At midnight!" said each member in surprise.

The boys talked over the plan, and agreed it would do no harm for John to attend a seance of the professor, whose address was given in the advertisement. John's best friend would hardly have known him as he sallied forth the next day.

Throughout the seance and the events which followed it he confined himself to an occasional grunt. He seemed to lack other modes of expression. A charming chap, however. "Is dis where youse writes up pieces fer de paper?" inquired Mr. Jarvis, eyeing the table. "It is," said Psmith.

They showed that they were by the emotionalism, effusive, admiring, with which they hung upon Madeira for a few last words, by their blind dependence, their awe. When the séance broke up finally, they strayed away from him haltingly, like lost sheep. The impression of Madeira upon the men, as he let them out of the door, was so profound that it came on to Steering with the value of a reflection.