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Sanguinis missione vis vitae diminuta: fiebat pulsitis debilior, respiratio difficilior. In pejus ruunt omnia. Febris anomala in febriculam continuam mutata. Dyspnoea confirmata. Fibrarum compages soluta. Valetudo penitus eversa. His agitatus furiis, aeger ad mare provolat: in fluctus se precipitem, dat: periculum factum spem non fefellit: decies iteratum, felix faustumque evasit.

Cardinal Baronius laboureth to make Peter blameless, and his fact free of all fault; quia præter ipsius spem id acciderat, and it fell forth only ex accidenti et inopinato, ac præter intentionem ipsius.

'Nolo vos ignorare, fratres, de dormientibus, ut non contristenuni, sicut qui spem non habent, which means, 'I do not wish you to ignore, brethren, that which concerns those who sleep, that you may not be saddened, like those who have lost all hope. Also, that I, myself, have said?

Whether it were because the thread of my dream was at an end I cannot tell, but, upon my taking a survey of this imaginary old man, my sleep left me. Part One. Spatio brevi Spem longam reseces: dum loquimur, fugerit invida AEtas: carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero. HOR., Od. i. 11, 6.

"Evelina is the third," continued Mr Hall, pointing out the one whom Mr Blake had specially recommended to his friend's notice. "Evelina is not quite so like, but she's like too." "Papa, what nonsense you do talk!" said Evelina. "And this is Mary. Mary considers herself to be quite the hope of the family; spem gregis. Ha, ha!" "What does spem gregis mean? I'm sure I don't know," said Mary.

His Aberdeen correspondent asked just then for the usual Christmas message to the Bible class: and instead of the cheery words of bygone years, received the couplet from Horace: "Inter spem curamque, timores inter et iras, Omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum." "Amid hope and sorrow, amid fear and wrath, believe every day that has dawned on thee to be thy last."

Minus triennium in ea legatione detentus ac statim ad spem consulatus revocatus est, comitante opinione Britanniam ei provinciam dari nullis in hoc suis sermonibus sed quia par videbatur. Haud semper errat fama, aliquando et elegit. Consul egregiae tum spei filiam juveni mihi despondit ac post Consulatum collocavit, et statim Britanniae praepositus est, adjecto pontificatus sacerdotio.

Priores pugnae, quibus adversus Romanos varia fortuna certatum est, spem ac subsidium in nostris manibus habebant: quia nobilissimi totius Britanniae eoque in ipsis penetralibus siti, nec servientium littora aspicientes, oculos quoque a contactu dominationis inviolatos habebamus.

Si formam it is not to be supposed that it was her beauty which charmed him, since, without doubt, he must be rather frightened than delighted, when he looks upon her. Si spem prolis, the Prince has certainly only too many heirs already, and ought to wish that he had neither wife nor children.

This really is proeter spem, and I mean to think that it will come to pass. But in all this bustle, he found time to enclose a kind little note to me; showing his sympathy with the sorrow of that summer, in my mother's illness: 'Auckland. October 3, 1868.

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