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XIX. Septa. So the MSS. for the most part. Al. septae. Meaning: with chastity guarded, sc. by the sacredness of marriage and the excellent institutions of the Germans. Nullis corruptae. Here, as every where else in this treatise, T. appears as the censor of Roman manners. Sen. Hor.

To his familiars he is like a plague, whom they dare scarce come nigh for fear of infection; he is a monument ruined by those which raised him, he spends the day with a hei mihi! miserum! and the night with a nullis est medicabilis herbis. In 1626 year of the death of Francis Bacon appeared "Cures for the Itch; Characters, Epigrams, Epitaphs by H. P." with the motto "Scalpat qui Tangitur."

Having restored things to their former quiet state. Nullis experimentis. Undertaking no military expeditions. Or. Castrorum. Cf. 5, note. Comitate tenuit. "Retained the province by a popular manner of administering the government." Ky. Curandi. Ignoscere. Properly not to notice, hence to view with indulgence, to indulge in. Vitiis blandientibus.

Fairthorn catch glimpse of Darrell's countenance within ten yards of the porch, than, his conscience taking alarm, he rushed incontinent from the window, the apartment, and, ere Darrell could fling open the door, was lost in some lair "nullis penetrabilis astris" in that sponge-like and cavernous abode wherewith benignant Providence had suited the locality to the creature.

Or should they, in the enumeration of population, be reckoned, in accordance with the civil law, as pro nullis, pro mortuis, pro quadrupedibus, and therefore not to be counted at all? Or should they, as those who owned them insisted, be counted, if included in the basis of taxation, as fractions of persons only?

"Me Guido de Senis diebus depinxit amoenis Quem Christus lenis nullis velit angere poenis."

A general expectation attending him, as it were, on his return. Nullis sermonibus. Ablative of cause. Elegit. Perf. to denote what has in fact taken place. X. In comparationem. Cf. in suam famam, 8, note. Perdomita est. Completely subdued. Rerum fide==faithfully and truly; lit. with fidelity to facts. Britannia.

Britannia, insularum quas Romana notitia complectitur, maxima, spatio ac coelo in orientem Germaniae, in occidentem Hispaniae obtenditur: Gallis in meridiem etiam inspicitur: septemtrionalia ejus, nullis contra terris, vasto atque aperto mari pulsantur.

Paulus, ii, 21b. E.g. Juvenal, vi, 136-141. Martial, viii, 12. Apuleius Apologia, 523: Pleraque tamen rei familiaris in nomen uxoris callidissima fraude confert, etc.; id., 545, 546 proves further the power of the wife: ea condicione factam conjunctionem, si nullis a me susceptis liberis vita demigrasset, ut dos omnis, etc. evidently the woman was dictating the disposal of her dowry.

It is so represented in maps as late as Richard of Cirencester. Cf. Prichard, III. 3, 9. Etiam inspicitur. It is even seen by the Gauls, implying nearer approach to Gaul, than to Germany or Spain. Nullis terris. Abl. abs., contra taking the place of the part., or rather limiting a part. understood. Livius. Fabius Rusticus. A friend of Seneca, and writer of history in the age of Claudius and Nero.