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Sec. 5, 6, 9; ch. vii. No. 172. Monday, September 17, 1711. Steele. 'Non solum Scientia, quae est remota a Justitia, Calliditas potius quam Sapientia est appellanda; verum etiam Animus paratus ad periculum, si sua cupiditate, non utilitate communi impellitur, Audaciae potius nomen habeat, quam Fortitudinis. Plato apnd Tull.

We have referred above, when dealing with the legitimacy of commercial profits, to the difficulty which was felt in admitting the justice of compensation for risk, on account of the Gregorian Decretal on the subject. The same decree gave rise to the same difficulty in connection with the justification of a recompense for periculum sortis.

In the comment on Canto XIX. of the "Purgatory" occurs the following striking passage: "Summus Pontificatus, si bene geritur, est summus honor, summum onus, summa servitus, summus labor. Si vero male, est summum periculum animae, summum malum, summa miseria, summus pudor. Ergo dubium est ex omni parte negotium.

"There is no danger," assured Philip, though he had left the flap of his revolver holster unbuttoned. "They will search for us between their camp and Churchill." "Citius venit periculum cum contemnitur," remonstrated Jeanne, half smiling. She was pale, but Philip saw that she was making a tremendous effort to appear brave and cheerful.

Olim regibus parebant, nunc per principes factionibus et studiis trahuntur: nec aliud adversus validissimas gentes pro nobis utilius, quam quod in commune non consulunt. Rarus duabus tribusve civitatibus ad propulsandum commune periculum conventus: ita, dum singuli pugnant, universi vincuntur. Coelum crebris imbribus ac nebulis foedum: asperitas frigorum abest.

There was another title on account of which more than the amount of the loan could be recovered, namely, periculum sortis.

The question, however, was still hotly disputed at the end of the fifteenth century, and was finally settled in favour of the admission of the title as late as 1645. Other Cases in which more than the Loan could be repaid. We have now discussed the extrinsic titles poena conventionalis, damnum emergens, lucrum cessans, and periculum sortis.

Not the latter; for no human authority can take away the condition of scandal from that which otherwise should be scandal, because nullus homo potest vel charitati, vel conscientiis nostris imperare, vel periculum scandali dati prestare, saith a learned Casuist. 10th.

On Feb. 24, Luther answered Spalatin: Die sermone bonorum operum nibil memini; sed et tot jam edidi, ut periculum sit, ne emtores tandem fatigam; but on Feb. 26, he wrote again: Memoria mihi rediit de operibus bonis sermone tractandis, in concione scilicet id promisi; dabo operam, ut fiat. See Dedicatory Letter, above, p. 107. We mention but one of many testimonies.

Cornelius Dumany, Esquire." The contents of the letter were as follows: "DEAR FRIEND, Aunt Diodora has her nervous attack, and is dangerously ill. Pray make haste! Periculum, in mora. Bring your electro-magnetic apparatus with you, and come at once. The gamekeeper had brought the letter, and said that he had strict orders to wait for me, if it was until midnight.

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